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Perspective, it always helps.

I have said before in alot of my blogs, that we have to get back to the basics. Get back to context. But also we must get back to perspective in the minds of people, especially the ones in the early times of the Jews, and the old testament.

To many times we screw up in our process of thinking things thru of an argument or facts. One must always remember to ‘see’ the understanding of the people, era, social, events of time to have the right perspective.

Hear is such one, for you to just keep in your mind as you read scriptures in the bible to help you ‘see’ things clearly in their mind set into what they were using as a base of their logic. Keep this handy to go back and clarify something you have issues with. Do not use an illustration from any other time frame for biblical study. What ever you do, don’t use something from ‘today’s’ picture of the World.

The Earth as seen by first Christians


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Our foundation of faith

Where did it start? Was it thru your parents? Your grandparents? Was it thru the denomination you attended on sundays? Was it even questioned, like this is the only way?

My guess to how most christian’s faith evolved was thru their parents and their parents thru the same denomination over many generations without question to the authentication of what was being told to them.

When does usual become unusual to you? How does it evolve? Does a irrational statement begin to dig into your thought process of something specific, and then expand our other irrational statements from the past? When do you question your norm?

Let me digress by telling my questioning my norm moment! It was when It was when after a lifetime of going to church(I had too, I was a preachers kid,lol,but many years after being a kid,too.) I felt the need to see what the major issues of why church’s were having problems with everything that they came across in just being the ‘church’. It just so happens that at this time I was working at Focus on the Family, I was getting interested in the FOF’s work with the local church in the community, so I was digging into the avenue’s I could go. It was at this time that I accidentally came across a organization that my uncle was getting interest in to be an ambassador to church’s to go to individual church’s and see what specifically they were doing and what worked and what didn’t.

It was at this point when I understood what this organization(the name of it, I don’t recall) did and how it did it, began to ask why and what were the motives and goals of the said church. It seemed to me that maybe we were asking the wrong question! Is the Foundation even right to even start asking questions to build up a church. What was the foundation? What was the foundation are the ‘churches’ using? Are they the same? What was their purpose? Was man involved, was God, a mediator?

I had to start from scratch.

So, I went from totally being involved in the ‘fixing up’ churches to questioning what the ‘church’ was, from the foundation up.

This was my foot in the door of my journey which to this date is around 10 years. This has taken me to many places and people which I would never had gone had I not decided to take this route.

What I have found out in my observances of where I was ‘in the church’ and my environment and everyone else was very limited in the knowledge of the accessibility of any avenues of looking outside the walls of the church or denomination’s. The concern was of the interior of the walls of the ‘church’. The Corporate(all) body of Christ is never mentioned or understood as what the model of the ‘church’ is to be and how. This, I think is what in the end is what took me to the re-looking at the foundation of what the body was or is.

My curiosity of God’s plan, or as I have penned in my blog is God’s “Eternal Purpose” is where I started my journey. My blog “Eternal Purpose” has journal-led me to alot of various startling “AHA” moments in my studies. My studies led me to a author that I think was going thru something like I was, and penned a book that led me in the right direction of finding my path. “From Eternity to Here” by Frank Viola tells the ‘Rediscovering the ageless purpose of God’, this led me to the fact that their was a purpose all along from the beginning of time. But it was a little different than what the usual conversation was of the church’s.

It was that God’s design of His creation was ‘good’, and that his creation had rebuffed their creator, to be the King of their own domain to design and make it what it wanted to. God being the ultimate and and just God that he is, let the cards play out and let man create ‘his own world’. But it is God who come out victoriously when He confronts the evil in mankind, and destroys it in death in man, by sending his son,Jesus, to take this action to the grave, but arise on the third day to create the perfect man and kingdom for his creation to enjoy with His creation, as it was in the Garden of Eden.

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A Foundation

Do most christians have a foundation of knowledge or insight to the scriptures?

Is it necessary?

Do we have others do it for us?

Do we actually study not read the bible, we have been accustomed to just read the bible, which is almost a sin all by itself. We have been told to read the bible in one year, or two year plan’s like it is a race?

We have been taught to read the stories of the bible as children, to learn the lesson of the time. It is like a manual of life that can be used when we come across the same storyline for us to  use in our time of need.

This is what we have been taught, this is what we have done thru tradition or ritual, but is it the purpose of the scriptures?

I believe that it is so much more and so much more relevant to us if we see the bible as a story, a story of God and his kingdom.

For this to happen tho, we have to change the way we look at the bible, it is a story of God,his kingdom, and where they live.

It starts in Genesis 1. Enjoy the story!

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Maybe the “foundation” does matter!

Let’s start with a conceptual note. We have for all intense and purposes understand the ‘historical’ aspect of the old testament. The stories of the great leaders of Israel, the miracles of these leaders, the leadership of these men, the faith of these people, and the ‘concept of they were the people of this God’, but what was the intent by God in all of these events and timelines throughout this ‘historical’ ages?

We have taken all these things as just stories of the annoited people of the time, and now we assume the same for us today. Is this all that it is? It has to be so much more than this!

Let me use as an example,albeit a shallow one, but maybe not if we think about it. If I as a parent have tried to show one of my children the way to follow me in my footsteps and they have failed, I then go about it in a different way to show them that in the way that they tried to live did not work was not to their avail, just maybe, in time they will see that my way was the best and only way to go!

Does this story resonate with you from another story that you might have heard before? The ‘Prodigal Son’! This ‘story’ is just a perfect example of how we as not an individual but as a ‘people’ have gone astray and gone on our own to prove our wisdom and knowledge and in the end have failed. WOW, does that bring things into the light. God’s desire was to have fellowship with us in the Garden of Eden as “His People” but with our free will we desired our wisdom and knowledge to keep us in that “Paradise”, but it didn’t, it took us out of the “Paradise” which was not with God, but was by ourselves, to do as we want and be.

Maybe the foundation that God laid out for us to “live” was designed for us as a “People” for that specific purpose. “God” knows it was best for us!!

It’s all about the “Story”!

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