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I find it ironic that that this word ‘Worship’ can be used as a noun(object) or a verb(action).(I do this for mainly me,wasn’t that good in english in school.)lol

The verb of this word assumes that you have the noun of this word.

Because you cannot have the verb without the noun first!

But I have problems with the noun first with society and christianity that troubles me. I fear that most people do not know or just not understand who or what they are worshiping!

If you ask everyone who or what people(society) worship(n) they will name of ,they will name off a hundred things, just say “everything”. But they will sometimes cringe when you try to name their personal ‘Worship'(n), it is hard for everyone to admit.

It is even more interesting when you prod them on first what or who it is, then you ask them to explore their lives and define how they live. Is it ‘all’, ‘part’ or ‘none’ of the defining things of who or what they see as ‘Worship'(n) of their belief?

After all, it is proof in the pudding in one’s own life on your life as an ‘example’ of one’s ‘Worship'(v).

One can also be fooled into believing that they are worshiping their ‘one true god’ when in fact they could be serving multiple gods. But for them to see that they are actually ‘worshiping'(n) the others will be a tough sell for them to see. Again, it is the actions of oneself to that ‘worship'(v) that prove itself to that god.

You see, if one is proclaiming to be that one ‘Worship'(n) person, it must be of ‘all or nothing’, there cannot be the multitude of ‘Worship'(n). It is especially designed in God’s Kingdom, that His proclamation is that “He is Lord of all”. This utterance of Kingship is in demanding sola rule. His rule trumps everyone and everything.

It is not realized with people that they have other things or people sharing that ‘worship'(n) with God. It is wise for one to sit back and look at the understanding of who is receiving their ‘worship'(v).

We must look at the things that we have that are blocking or are in-between what we ‘Worship'(n). We are fooled in thinking that their is nothing between us and Worship(n). But their usually is. There are alot of things that are, once we see what has our priorities are, we see we have multitude’s of things that get in our way of our ‘first’ worship'(n).

Just for fun let us look at some of the things that people mention as possible ‘gods’ of their ‘worship’. There is money, work, sex, nothing, drugs, living, life, stars, people, politics, evil, it is these that are more defined in our lives but it is also the little things that control our lives because of what we do that defines the ‘worship'(n) of our ‘worship'(v).

Take time to re-visit your worship(v) to see where your worship(n) really is. It might be very revealing!!



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God of Israel

Why is knowing the God of Israel is important and He is the only one.

This is where our  knowledge of the foundation of the story  of the Israelites and their journey. It was the outside world that was influencing their world to water down their identity of who they were. It was this  identity that was beginning to get fuzzy and waned in their power.

To explain this we have to see and hear what was on the outside of the jewish realm that was making their identity blend in with the worlds. In one word it was “gods”.

You see, there were many of them. Greek gods, Roman gods.

Let’s just name them to see why this should be an issue.

Greek gods: Zeus,Hera,Poseidon,Demeter,Ares,Athena,Apollo,Artemis,Hephaestus,Aphrodite,Hermes,Dionysus,Hades,Hypnos,


Roman gods: Jupiter,Juno,Neptune,Pluto,Apollo,Diana,Mars,Venus,Cupid,Mercury,Minerva,Ceres,Proserpine,Vulcan,Bacchus,Saturn,Vestus,Janus,Uranus,Gaia,Maia,Flora,Plutus.

Can you see where the difference is in the God of Israel? There is only one.

He is the God of all.

This was the message to the Israel and soon to the whole world. This message is what is carried out through the old testament and into the new testament that explodes with Paul’s message in the “good news”.

Can we see it?

Read the old testament again. Read the new testament again. It will be a revelation to you when you experience it!!

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