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The scriptures were not written ‘to’ us,but for us.

Learning is a funny thing that we struggle with in our normal daily lives. We all do it differently, it seems by how we ascertain information in our brains to keep the good and the bad things of importance. Some information is retained by the ‘seeing’ of the actual information and some is actually retained by hearing the conversation.

The scriptures, alas the ‘Bible’, is a collection of history, personal testimony, revelations, commentary and Holy Scripture from God himself. There is a journey of a people, the Jews of Israel and all their trials and errors trying to be a Holy nation following God. This journey is filled with good and bad things in their existence of a nation. But it is in the bad we must ‘see’ and ‘know’ the reason behind the failure of all people, not just the Jews at this time.

The scriptures were in the old testament(covenant) were a detailed covenant between the Jewish people and their God to work together as one entity. God established his Kingdom among them in the land that he established and they became his people to be united with. It is in this covenant that strict things that were instituted for man, for the Jewish people were selected to be the light unto the world, for when light is shown in a darkened world it does two things. One, it conceals the things that are still in the dark area, which is where the evil is hiding. Secondly, The light is an attraction where everyone should !move to, to see where they are going without darkness hindering them to stumble and fall.

The downfall for Israel( Jewish People) was that they were tainted by darkness in alot of their lives, by actually moving to the ‘dark side’! lol Mankind has struggled in their quest to be ‘good’, their knowledge of good and evil, has led them down the wrong road, in their own understanding. This choice of ‘which God to serve or ‘worship’ has been the downfall of mankind ever since. God is the creator. His work is the definition of Good, He defines it specifically in Genesis 1-2. Everything that created from the Universe down to all the things in the planet that we live on was pronounced as Good. Even the Days were announced as ‘Good’. This was proclaimed so that we might realize that everything was for our benefit of knowledge of God’s handiwork.

God’s creation was good. Yet mankind did, and has put their own definition of what is good in their ‘eyes’ for them to live by. But it is when we deviate from the blueprint of what has been defined by ‘good’ and set our own definition of good, is when it becomes skewed in reasoning. We have spun the meaning of good to our own tastes for centuries, and we have had to live with our definition of good, with catastrophic results on the whole of mankind, not just on our individual selves, which is where we have actually defined the word, as the good for ‘me’. This seems to be really bringing this concept to the forefront to our society in the #metoo movement, it’s all about me and my wants.

With this knowledge of the past behind us in the story of the creation by the creator and our God, we should see that we as mankind cannot set the definition of ‘good’ until we see the root of the word, which was set by God himself, with understanding that only thru God can we be ‘good’. God sets the definitions, not his creations.

The question then is “When will mankind ‘see’ and understand this”?

We shall see, but I hope and pray that it is sooner than later because our definition of ‘good’ really sucks!

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Until we realize, we are in a ‘mankind made world’!

Genesis 1-2 was for a ‘lack of a better phrase’, just Heaven!(which there is none)

God had created a universe that was just out of this world for mankind to be in. It was just a site to be seen. It’s majesty, its beauty, its fullness, its glory was for mankind.

The creator was distinct in everything that he made; the universe, stars,suns,planets, and mankind. It was all for his glory.

God although the creator of all this, put himself in this picture of creation. Now, you just don’t see this when someone creates something, they are in it also. God did. He put himself in the most ironic places in all the world, with his creation of mankind to be with him in the most intimate way. God communed with his creation in a garden.

This is what fellowship or communion is all about. Our designer,creator,gardener of Eden is there with us in a very intimate way. We are totally unaware of anything else around us as being different. We are complete in Life as we know it.

But what changed? I am not sure, but I believe that mankind wanted to be ‘his own creator’, which in this instance, was not what he was designed for, which meant he was going against the grain of his creator.

So pushing the story down the road thru the centuries, we haven’t done a very good job of ‘creating’ our world as we would of liked it. you think? I wonder what ‘in the world’ that mankind was thinking that thought they could perfect perfection that was all around them,for then or for the future? What mentality did we have that would show us that we would be an great leader in all things of this world that someone else designed?

My question is to mankind after 8,000 plus years(one timetable of the world), is this what we were going for? I don’t have enough computer memory for me to put in all the things of the world that have gone ‘bad’ for mankind, do we see it getting better or worse, does mankind get ‘good’ as God describes him, or do we continue to get worse, because of what mankind has shun the creator of himself.

Does mankind revisit the time when mankind had the makings of being in a garden and communing with its maker and enjoying the daily walks with him? Do we see God’s design and temple analogy of his image being in the temple representing him?

What will it take? a cataclysmic event? a world that has totally forsaken him? or will it be when the whole of mankind realizes that ‘we'(mankind,his children) come back to him, in the garden!

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Say it isn’t so!

This ‘kingdom’ has got us wrapped around its little finger and we don’t even know it, or worse we don’t care!

There is this ‘just another day’ of life, and whatever it is that I must do to get thru it I will. There is even this notion that I must ‘better’ myself that I can make it easier on myself or get ahead that it is the right thing to do. Are we playing their rules or God’s? What does it say to our teammates or our adversaries? They are probably as confused as we are? We have to play the game. And we have to win! Where will it end, and when?

This kingdom that has got us is the one that has been around since it was created by ‘us’ the smart ones(the ones that said we could handle making the rules,and say who is in charge) starting with Adam and Eve and still continuing  with ‘us’.

The good things have been good, we can create our own good, our own way,our own time. That is in our own thinking,according to our individualist way, to each our own! LOL, look where this has got us, we believe we can and will create our own ‘good’, it should be respected by all that are around us and beyond. It is my right. But wait, it now can offend someone? And it is not alright, say it isn’t so. ha ha. Have we now created a conundrum all by our selves? We have created confusion all amongst ourselves, just in the name of us wanting to ‘set’ the rules of our ‘kingdom’.

Now, the bad. Where does one start? I’ll just let you fill in the blanks, the fact that you can fill in the blanks, should tell us something! But yet we still do it?

I almost feel that this encapsulating feeling is that it is the only game in town to be in to play. But why. For some of us, it should be seen as a insult. We know better.

Christianity has and is playing the same game! Why? …………….     I think I know, and it isn’t going to go over very well.

You see it is for the same reason  that God told all of God’s people of the old testament, it is for your ‘good’ that you seen as  the ‘good’ people of God and to be looked at as “My People” said God. It is to be that ‘they’ will ‘see’ who you are and believe that “I am your God”.  God told his believers that ‘He will make his people’, it would be in his own way and time. It was told to the Jews that they should not mix with their neighbors,because of the influence that they would have on them.  Their ways,their gods, their practices, and their rituals were the dirt to the white robes of the Israelites.

It is for this reason that it has evident that this is what has taken place to christianity. In our quest to welcome our neighbor to our family we have also welcomed the dirt of that neighbor in with it. It is when we welcome in the one that is family into our family that is unique and right to be apart of that family that we see that it belongs without hesitation that we can be white and pure in the truest sense.

Our ‘being’ Christlike  ‘is’ the attraction that everyone will see that we are christians, or to be more succinct, They(non-believers) will come to be in Him by ‘our being like Him’.

So, let’s don’t say: Say it isn’t so, that we(christians) are just like everybody else!

Let’s be different! Let’s be not of this world,kingdom but let us be of God’s kingdom and be different! Let’s be Christlike.

Let’s be of that “Kingdom not of this world” says Jesus.




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Did He or didn’t He?

Are we supposed to Act differently when someone has paid our debt off?
For some reason or other we continue to believe that we still owe it!!!
I am talking about Christ paying for the debt of the World-SIN!!!!
If we understand the concept of sin, that is the product of good and evil, then if Christ died for it, or has taken it away as a choice, then why are we still acting like it is still there?
Let me go back to the beginning, Adam was only given 2 choices in the garden, the tree of Life or the tree of good and evil. He choose the tree of good and evil, then if Christ died for this tree(sin) All we have left to choose is the Tree of Life(Holy Spirit)(Eternal Life)!!!!! This is what God wanted all along!! Let us Be and Act like we have chosen the Tree of Life!!!!

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