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God’s Word continues to give and give and…….

I have had a few instances in the last few months with fellow christians that feel that they can stand pat in the knowledge of God’s word. This scares me, I mean really scares me!

God’s word is like the ‘Energizer Bunny’, it continues to give and give to use to further the knowledge and wisdom of God.

It seems that once someone feels comfortable in their skin of righteousness they believe they have it ‘all’, and need no more insight from God and his words that they refuse any brotherly discussion of any or all said discussions being fruitful, which is very sad.

Iron sharpens Iron.

What I think is very hypocritical of this is that they stand on their premise of going to a church to be with their fellow ‘christians’ to fellowship with them in the weekly bible study. Now the bible studies(real bible theology discussions) that I have always been in, are nothing short of differing opinions of positions of their beliefs. It would (in my circumstance, that we had a vary degree of people from different backgrounds of religion) we were always cordial in our discussion but we were always talking things out so that we all knew where we were coming from.

I would surely say that true biblical studies should be in this context of ‘What do the scriptures really say to God’s people’? This has gone on for a few thousand years and it will continue to do so until God has us as ‘One Sound Mind, One Sound Heart’!!

This totally messes with my mind, in that for the first point, ‘Did you not start with an ‘Theology’ that you believed in already and now you completely changed it in a matter of seconds? Or you deny the furtherance of learning new things in and about the scriptures that could have one or multiple ‘aha’ moments in your thinking?

One thing I have noticed in some ‘christian’ searching for their theology, is that they went about it in a bad way of weighing their research for it. It seems that the way that some people ‘learn’ or ‘research’ their religion, is to just go to that ‘church’ and have them tell you what their religion is all about, ins and outs, and here is the pen to sign on the dotted line! What? It is like going to auto dealer, say a ford dealer, He is going to try and sell you a ford car, since you are looking for a car. He is going to tell all the good things of the ford, but not the bad things, or tell you that other car dealers,chevy,buick, toyota,jeep,etc are good too. This is like pulling sheep over your eyes?!

For the second point, it seems that from other people that they see that maybe your decision making of the biblical resources have been limited with testimonial sharing with people that says that you could be suspect to wrong informed decisions. Our journey with God does not stop. period. In fact in doesn’t stop for anyone or anytime until God has decided to bring back the New Kingdom to his Creation..

I see a problem with some christianity sects that seem to be very inclusive, in that it is ‘their way or No Way’ thinking. This seems to be a stumbling block for Christians and Christianity if this is to be continued. God will tell us what is ‘The Way’ and When. I have not seen it or heard it,yet. I feel that it is working itself out in christianity as we speak.

This also is ironic in its subject matter that I see and hear this in the U.S. , America has got all the answers about religion and Christianity! Not! The failure of these sects that feel that they are in the know of the ‘right’ way, have no understanding that there is a whole world out there that probably can and will disagree with them. It is that famous saying that needs to hit the box of the church to “Believe outside of the BOX”

The world is what God is saving, I know, I know, The United States really needs saving the most right now, but that’s not what the bible tells us. It is the world that he is worried about. It will be what the whole world ‘needs’ to hear and believe in to ‘see’ and ‘know’ Him! It will be a Universal Language.

If we cannot talk or meet with our fellow believers, how are we going to talk or meet with the unbelievers?


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Christianity, what is it saying?

Don’t know about you, but I think they are saying the wrong thing.

Studying the New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation, it seems to be pushing this thing called “Kingdom of God”. What I don’t hear from chrisitanity is “Kingdom of God”, but I seem to be hearing week after week, we need to go out and bring the sheep in out of the cold, and let us take care of them.

Although, that last statement might sound right to us(only because we have heard it from the pulpit),but the storyline we must hear is that we are now in the “Kingdom of God” with God and his people molded into one, God in us,us in Him. This is the story of the “Restoration of God’s World” that is told in the New Covenant.

We for to long have taken this storyline upon ourselves to take it further in our own humanistic ways. Which totally is not what God has said in scripture. What we done, I believe, in Christianity, and Catholicism have seen the literalization of God’s word’s to Peter ” I will build MY Church upon you”. We have taken this as our War cry to use for us to take it further on ourselves to champion the call to do this on our own, No God needed! God’s exclamation with Peter was a call on humanity was one of this is the first stone(Peter realized that Jesus was the Messiah,first to acknowledge this,even from the disciples)He would be put next to the cornerstone(Himself) to start the ‘building’ of His Body(Ekklesia). This is the ‘Picture’ that was to be ‘seen’ by the disciples and to the world.

Jesus presence in the human world was first an ‘on hands experience’ to be with his fellow humans(He was 100% man, and 100% God) He was showing man that His God side was being shown too, in his healing people, out of this world wisdom,His power, His New talk of the things to come, in his people to be ‘New’ in his Creation of the World.

This was a foretaste of the ‘New World’ of God’s Kingdom. God was inviting all to come and join him for this new experience.

If this is not what you are hearing from christianity, then we must correct our insight to ‘see’ that God is calling us to his Kingdom. It is now but not yet.

Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm.” John 18:36

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What language is that?

We all have said that to someone we are unfamiliar with that has come from a different country.

Either we didn’t understand the dialect or just was unfamiliar with the language.

This is exactly what happened in the New Testament, when Jesus arrives on the scene talking to his followers, not of a different dialect but by different language from a different world. This language from Jesus was from God himself in the government(Heavenly) that he ruled. God’ life is different. (John 18:36) God’s language is different and it was God’s people were to understand it to be different than the world’s.

Jesus started talking to the ones that supposedly ‘knew’ Jesus and could understand his meaning. But it wasn’t to be. Jesus talked to the disciples in parables, not specific stories to get across his meaning from His world, the heavenly realm. This dialogue was made for the disciples to ‘work out’ what Jesus was saying to them and to all his followers. It is also our job to ‘see’ the vision that Jesus was putting out there to his followers to not only understand but to illustrate it in their daily lives. Jesus always communicated to people in parables, even to the ones who were in power of the Jews and also to Rome.

It is at this time we should understand that this ‘language’ is of a ‘Higher’ more spiritual or Holy verbiage to all that were concerned. It was if the disciples needed to be tuned in to the right frequency to understand him. And to a point I guess that is what it would be. First, and it shouldn’t be in our native language of human, but it should be of a higher Holy speech and hearing. God talks to us, we must free ourselves from this world of everything in it including our understanding of human speech. God talks to us thru Him and His speech.

It is with the understanding that it is our ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ that has to be fine tuned to understand God’s voice. It happened multiple times in the New Testament that the worldly leaders did not understand what Jesus was saying, let alone the Jewish priest or pharisee and Sadducee’s.

The ‘language’ that God speaks is of His Kingdom. Father,Son, Holy Spirit are the founders of the speech. It is when we become ‘in Christ’ that we inherit this speech to ‘hear’ God and all the people of God’s Kingdom. Remember this ideal next time you are reading the New Testament and notice that the disciples or the earthly powers are beside themselves to understand What Jesus is meaning.

Our thoughts are not His thoughts. It’s no wonder that we don’t understand God if we don’t know what language He is speaking. God and His kingdom is unique and wonderful if we only let it. God has designed us to be an image of Him….and speaking the same language!!

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So many issues…

I usually don’t do the movie reviews but this might be my first one. I have watched this one twice.

I don’t want to really address the actual topic of the movie but two things that stand out to me in the real portrayal of the actual circumstances of what usually goes on in this kinda thing.

The movie is called “Come Sunday’, it was aired in 2018 about a real pastor that was becoming a real inspirational speaker in the denomination of the church. I would recommend this movie for just watching on the two reasons that I will talk about but also the main focus of the movie is the subject of ‘universalism’, which I will touch on a little.

This is no bad rap on the actual movie on what I am going to say, I believe that it is accurate perception of the way things are done and I hope that it is seen as a glaring problem in the ‘church’ today wherever you go. The movie was well put together in the cast and dialogue, and uses the time frame of the issues for references to bring out the storyline.

The storyline is that of a preacher in a very successful denomination, in a megachurch, in a up and becoming town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This pastor bringing his weekly sermon to his parishioners with gusto and life changing decisions being made is making a big difference in his community. He has the backing of the denomination, his board, the people and the community. His message of ‘you must be saved’ by a ‘personal commitment’ to Jesus to get to Heaven is tested when He is at home one evening and watches the news.

The national news program is on the tv, when the broadcast is telling of the Rwandan Genocide in Africa. As the news anchor is talking He hears the reporter tell of the details of the story. He soberly tells the news of over 800,000 people who have died in the genocide attacks. This fact is devastating to the Pastor(Carlton Pearson) of the crime that was committed in africa, but it is more devastating to him that those 800,000 people did not have the chance to have that ‘personal commitment’ to ‘be saved’ before their deaths.

It is then that the pastor realizes that ‘what he has been preaching’ is wrong. How could God not allow all those people a ‘chance’ to act on their commitment to be saved without a chance to do so, when their life was cut so short, of women,children and elderly? This was not in Carlton’s understanding on how God worked? Something was wrong in the theology of his ministry.

It isn’t until later that night that Carlton hear’s a voice from God telling him that ‘All are Saved’! Then he see’s in his bible all the scriptures in the bible that reaffirms this fact that God’s love and His son dying on the Cross for ‘All mankind’ is the ‘All are saved’ paradigm by God.

He then goes to the pulpit in his next week’s sermon, comes to the people of the church and presents a different theology of God’s amazing Love for mankind that He say’s to them that “All are already saved”! This doesn’t go over to well, with a few people standing up to renounce the pastor as not preaching from God, or not preaching from the scriptures.

This is where I would like to make my points, first without telling all the details of the scenes or all the movie, let me just say that the things that I am referring to are the facts that it wasn’t shown in the bible as a point of reference, but what I would say is that this is probably what happened anyway. When Pastor Carlton stood up to preach and give his detailed understanding of his new and exciting theology that God ‘saves all’, their was not one person in the congregation looking at their bibles for reference to see what the pastor was talking about. It was a man talking to people telling them some new ‘good news’.

I don’t recall any people walking into the service carrying any bibles,(this is before cell phones with apps with bible on them) let alone having the people look down at the bibles that they had carried into the service. But it was the quick reaction of some of the people that stood up to scream that He was not preaching the Word to them! How would they know? No bible’s to be seen. It is with this that I seen problems at a lot of levels.

One subplot, from this is that we as christians have been taught, year after year after year, from our grandparents to our parents to finally us that the message is the same. So why bother. But what if that message is wrong from the beginning? what then. Is there a correction, and how is it found, by who,when, and why? At some level this is where we as christians have gotten caught up in ‘tradition’. This I see is major problem in christianity all the way around.

Let me expand on this a little, We can actually put these two things that I have mentioned together to solve the problem. The bible and believing the same ole thing week after week or year after year.(Fact checking) the term that I almost hate to use now days but is the only words that I see to use here. We have to first use the source of which we all can use, not just the person at the pulpit. That is the way that in the new testament the word was received to the assembly’s of people around the temple. We all can hear and read the scripture to strengthen our understanding of God’s words to people before us and now. One of my favorite little statements about the bible is ‘The Bible wasn’t written to us, but for us.’

The scripture is for us, it is to be used in all our battles, in standing up in our own personal lives, for our personal family’s, for our friends,for our acquaintances, and for ultimately for the world.

The second thing that should disturb us in the movie is that the portrayal of the authority of the ‘church’. Again I recommend that you see this movie to understand what I am saying, but it is the ‘government’ of the denomination(this concept is used in all denominations to control the individual church’s,not just this denomination)that overrides the ‘message,gospel’ to the people. This suffocating blanket of a paradigm is what leads people to question that ‘leadership’ in what they are actually there for. When we are dictated by a group that thinks that they know what is good for us, it then takes away the ‘personal God’ that we need to live by Him.

I say all this to say this movie was again a wake up call to alot things that is wrong with the church, the church is only the church in their building, they are of biblical ignorance(20 minutes of sound bites of the bible a week thru the pastor) as opposed to the ‘sound christian’ that actually believe that what a christian is,bible reading,fellowship with others, a follower of God(worship Him,His God) that believes that by believing in such God that my hear soul and being believes in saying, doing, believing in the things of God. It is this that will ‘SHINE’ as a light that ‘MY GOD’ is the only God, and that being an image of Him will set the world on fire with Him, and ‘ All will be saved’!

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I believe God is pretty awesome. It is mankind that needs a little help.

I have in previous posts have reiterated that in studying the word, that we cannot look at God’s words and see black and white. This is usually a good thing in most instances, but for the written words of the scriptures we need to ‘see’ God’s intent, and also his son’s,Jesus. Is it any wonder that God’s son, Jesus spoke in parables(Jesus only saying things from his Father) for man to not go strictly by the black and white words but to contemplate in the meaning(hear) of God’s understanding of man and his world and their purpose.

To ‘see’ and to ‘hear’ address this issue in the scriptures when used by God and by Jesus. It is the next level up from the natural sense of man, it is God’s ‘see’ and God’s ‘hear’, this is also what God means by Wisdom.

Until we are in-tune with God, this will be the same as usual,man going by the law(written word) as opposed to the dwelling of God in us,and us in God.

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Can you see ‘Kingdom theology’ in the bible? Do you know what it is, how it is used in the scriptures? Do you know the  words or phrases in the terminology of the kingdom? Should it make a difference? Does it to you? How does one hear about the Kingdom?

Questions to ask, to yourself and to others to really understand the scriptures. Believe me when I say, “It makes a difference”!!

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Blogging as it seems is sort of a new thing, but yet it isn’t.

Blogging is the visual way of saying what we feel or want to be heard.

Saying or wanting to be heard is real answer.

We have been trapped in our bodies in the area of religion on saying or wanting to be heard arena.

Blogging has unleashed this.

I am so thankful for the blogging world in the area of authors,theologians,and yes,normal people like you and me that have just opened up thru the blogging world to really say what was on their mind. The pink elephant in the room is staring at us as I speak. You know what and who it is but we are afraid to say it out loud,aren’t you.

Ok, I will say it for you, It’s religion, or more distinctly, the church!

You see, it’s the system. The way we have always done it,the bylaws, the denomination, the I don’t know any other way.

We have become so oblivious to searching the answer to the only question that we have ever heard.

Are you going to Heaven?

If this is what you have heard, you are not alone.

The story of the Bible is  sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more to God than going to heaven, that we have failed to see the real issue.


Blogging world has exploded on this arena of what the real issue is of the Bible and it’s real meaning. Everyone has chimed in to address questions about the bible and the eternal purpose of life. I have been both thrilled to read so many people ask and tell of their understanding of the bible as I know see the bible and the discussions of what the scriptures say to us. It is an exhilarating experience to say the least to read and hear how people are “seeing” God’s word in the true light that He meant it to be.

I challenge you to escape the confines of the one person every week to do this or that in your daily life and to actually search God. Whether it be thru the bible, thru theoligians( I highly recommend doing some of this with your studies,if need be I can give a list of some good ones),thru authors, and thru your daily prayer/reading of the bible.(this is praying for reading of the bible of the thoughts of God)It will change the way you read the bible.

God’s eternal purpose is nothing short of Amazing, I can honestly say that it revolutionary to your life.

I pray that we can see it, when we look into His eyes! Amen,and Amen


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Bible reading

How is your Bible reading? Are you reading it? Is it confusing? Is it just Greek or Hebrew to you?

Let me put a different spin on this subject with you.

Look past the actual words that you read, look past the obvious storylines that you see. Look deeper, See and Hear what God is telling His People that He wants from them. Start in Genesis 1 and 2,this is the instructions and plan that God had and has for us. What is it?

Second, we know about the fall that mankind made,now try to find out how God did and is trying to get His people back on the plan of God’s eternal purpose*.

*-Notice this asterick,This is very,very important! There are three words in the phrase. The first one is “God’s”, now this shows ownership, it is His purpose,know one else. Second word is “Eternal”, now this shows where,or of what realm.(This is not our realm as where we live in now). The third word is “Purpose”, This is actually God’s “WILL”. His plan,His design,His way.

God’s eternal purpose is not what we see or hear or feel. It is “of God”. It is His will that we must capture in reading the bible. We have to continue past those few bumps in the road that we all know about in the bible and understand that it is apart of the plan but it is not “the” Plan.  Make sure that we go back to Phase one where God sets things up in the garden for His Home. Then,see how He has to bring His people back to the garden (Home). 

Ok, Now how close or far away is God getting His People back to the Garden of Eden?

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