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Where are we at?

I think we have been here before. Is that what is called Deja vu?

Back during the old covenant, the Israelites were confined to the meeting of God to one place, in going to the temple and to bring sacrifices to him, for various reasons according to their faith. It was for the offering of their best cattle or sheep, being their first fruits of their labor.

This ‘going’ to a place to be ‘where’ God was located was a very new and strange thing for the Israelites, because in the gentile world, their gods were nowhere to be seen or heard. The Israelites being set apart from the gentiles, their God was connecting with them thru the building of a temple that was creating by man for God to make his presence known to man. It was because of the downfall of man in the Garden of Eden, that God had to create his Temple for man and for Him to walk and talk together in the world, that God had to start with a pinpoint on the earth, only behind a veil, for only a High Priest to ‘be’ with Him.

This was God attempting to start small, and simple for God’s people, to get them to follow rules(the 10 commandments) to show them the human way of following God to Himself. It is during this journey that Israel tries, but fails in its attempt to follow these rules to ‘be’ with God. This ‘human’ attempt at trying to be with God, was a obvious a failure just waiting to happen. Humanity is flawed in that it is not of God, in ‘knowing’ God. It has only known itself in that when we(humanity) chose not to have ‘Life’, but to ‘know’ good and evil, We are separated from him.

It is here,the scene where we are still going to ‘this’ temple as the ‘only’ place where can ‘be’ with God, in this small Holy of Hollies, that we then leave and go back to our lives and our so called life to live. It is again calling us to go back to this scenario the next week to visit this veiled area that we perceived to be where God is, when we leave our sacrifices at the alter.

Our giving of our sacrifices of our ‘first fruits’ in a building, is the ‘Cain’ attempt of sacrificing. It is the giving of ourselves as God’s people to him we will be Only restored back to Him.

I believe that we may have believed the ‘only’ way to God is thru the building. The building was established thru laws of God’s people the Israelites kept, in which they were not able to follow, resulting in God leaving the Temple, and the Temple being destroyed, taking away all the regulations and traditions of their covenant. It was over.

God’s plan was not yet completed. There are three things that are described in God’s plan: God, a people, a Kingdom. I only mentioned 2 of the 3 in the description of God and the Israelites. God left the temple, He destroyed the temple, but He was still their God.

God’s original King,Kingdom, and people was already used in his story to be used for the model of His Kingdom. It was the Garden of Eden!

This is the desire for God(King) that God’s people will be ‘in Christ’ which is of God(Kingdom),will be with Him in the New Jerusalem(Garden of Eden,land,Whole World)

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Where do we go from here?

Is this a wake up call for us? Should we change? If this effects everyone in the world, should I change? Alot of new and different questions to think about in our life.

The biggest thing that I see and perceive with society, and even christians is that we all have problems with the idea of rest. We don’t know what to do with ourselves when we don’t have work, or we don’t have a schedule of things to do in our normal life. There is no indication that we cannot just rest just for the sake of rest.

Using this as a marker, we need to see why the need exists, why we feel the need to do. It has been ingrained in us for centuries, thru many reasons, sometimes being no fault of ours. There is this need to just be busy, to work, to play, to go and not to be still.

Rest is talked about in the scriptures multiple times, in fact it is mentioned almost 300 times in the NASB. The bulk of the time the ‘rest’ is mentioned in the old testament, which should tell us that emphasize was there with the Israelites from early on in their journey with God. But why? Why would or should we be concerned with the notion of ‘rest’.

Let me digress here for a moment, I have always had a few questions about groups of people or individual’s that didn’t look back at their heritage or their history to see if their were problems that they had created or were not going along with what God had deigned them to do, and why they didn’t see this. This is one of those moments, and questions I have for the Israelite’s.

If God had designed a world for us and the only thing that we were to do, was to rest with God, why would we do anything else?

God’s design for us, or for a better word to use is our ‘vocation’ in this world was to be an ‘image’ of God , which leads us to vision us as image in the God’s world. Ironically, this is exactly the picture we see later with God’s, chosen people, the Jewish people, the Israelite’s in their Temple model, that God set up for them to be ‘near’ him. Just one dot, in the whole world, as opposed to being with his people in all of the world.

And we still can’t see this in our world today!

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Just thinking out loud

I seem to do this quite abit lately. I am seeing and hearing things around me that make me wonder if it has anything connected to God’s design for us.

This is sometimes scarry, and sometimes exciting and sometimes both. The catalyst for all this watching and listening is knowing what God’s desire is for his people.

I have been on long and winding road of a journey with the  “God of Israel” for 5+ years (although,I think God has been working on me for longer than this),and it has led me to some rather interesting discoveries of God and his people. The first discovery which could be the most important one is “who is this God of Israel?”(notice that I phrased the question from the outside of the jewish realm arena). This is because my understanding of this God is from not being a jew or knowing the jewish ways.

My peep view of this God thru the auspices of my scholarship thru pastors,schooling and beginning realities of translation from Luther, has to say the least -limited and as I have found out,scewed.

Let me be broad and general in this next statement. “Christians do not know who this God of Israel is.”

Let me tell you why I say this. We don’t know the God’s people, the Jews.(this is in the sense from the old testament period only). How can you understand a God of a people if you do not know the people? This has led me to the understanding of who God is and why He was the God to the Jews and Israelites. Another understanding that is key to this paradigm is the social and political atmosphere of the time. To know the climate of the period of people, their history and the outlook on the future is enormous to seeing who these people are.

As christians we have been oblivious to the knowing of the Jews and their God. Isn’t it about time we find out?

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