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Old Covenant-New Covenant

Christianity thru the denominations are sending a mixed message to the world that is hampering the gospel.

Denominations thru their church’s are living thru the old covenant with the hint of the new covenant coming. This is the issue that is holding back the body of Jesus from being what it was meant to be.

If you are in the ‘church'(building) of any denomination, you are emphasizing the old covenant’s structure and God’s intentions of his keeping the body of God together with the ‘law’ to restrain the ability of idolatry to have any more affect on his people. It is this inability to succeed in the ‘law’ that was used in with the body of God of Israel that should show us that it doesn’t work, it only brings it out more of our inability to do it within these parameters, that there is a much better way of being Christ like,as in the new covenant.

The new covenant reiterates that we(christians/believers) are of the New Temple, Christ was much greater than of the old one. Matthew 12.6 tells us that something greater than the temple is now here! Christ.

The ‘church’ (christianity,denominations) are portraying that we are still slaves to the old covenant, with its ritualistic practices of the days of Israel, keeps us from the freedom of the shackles. This is the old covenant’s definition. God’s new covenant is the reality of us being free, free from the constraints of being in sin,which was what the ‘law’ was, we are now free from this by being in ‘Grace’ of the Lord. Galatians 3.23 speaks of this as we were imprisoned and guarded until faith was revealed to us, which is of the new covenant.

The emphasis that should mainly pointed out is that the practices,traditions of old are not what God’s desires are for us since we are of the ‘New Creation’ now. We are to ‘be’ of this new creation in a different way. So set down your old ways ‘christianity’ and be wholly of the New Covenant!

This will be a big paradigm shift for a lot of people, but if we understand what the purpose of God’s new covenant’s design we will be rewarded with God’s presence.


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John 3:16

We all know what John 3:16 says. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son,that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

This part of scripture that is told to us thru John in the new testament. This proclamation  of truth is profound, but it is it the ultimate truth? We have attached ourselves to this announcement of John that we maybe have looked at it deeper to check it’s meaning.

For this profound truth to be real it has to be looked at as the measuring stick throughout the bible. Especially in Genesis. For this astounding premise of truth, it had to have been evident in the beginning of time in God’s purpose in his actions! How was man to know or see God’s truth in their life, this has to be evident in the circumstances and realities of Adam’s lineage. What was the perception of of ‘His people’ to know this truth in his day.

Let us use this measuring stick to go back thru the old testament and see how it stands up. Now, go thru the Matthew,Mark,Luke and John. Continue to look at the theme of these scriptures to have ‘this truth’ to be verified as the ultimate truth from God.

Does something else pop up when you re-read the OT, does God seem to be saying that ‘His Purpose’ was a ‘People’ of his own, or to ultimately see, that He seeks a bride to fellowship with,in His own Presence!

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