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It’s all about the messenger!

Why do we always forget the messenger?

After all he is just the bearer of the good/bad news.

But in this case it was/is about the messenger!

God came to the world in the form of His Son to give the news that He was the King of the World!

But where did we go wrong? maybe it was our looking at his actions,the jews did. maybe it was the way He looked that we followed, some still do,(what did you wear last sunday,it was your sunday best wasn’t it!) maybe it was everything He said that we took it too heart, legalist,we know who you are. what about those parables, did you put your money in the bank to earn that special rate?(no tin cup for you).

So, what is the message then?

My name is Douglas Allen McCall. My father is Michael McCall. This is my heritage, this is my identity, my life.

This is all that God was doing,telling us that thru Jesus Christ,that He was God, The King and His Kingdom is now here.

Jesus’s ministry was God being God from his eyes, but we saw it as thru our own way of life,not His. It wasn’t about where,when,why,what God(Jesus) did but He was showing us the Kingship of His Kingdom.

Christianity has been apart of this concept of following God’s ways as opposed to acknowledging who He really was. The King! We cannot  have two masters in this life,as it says in the bible many times. We have took this meaning very loosely as that I can’t serve money,or job or things. But we have failed to realize that it was bigger than all of this.

It is about God’s Kingdom, not our’s that we live in.

When you read the passages of the bible, try to remember that in everything you read it was God trying to tell the Jews,Pharisees,Saduccees,Kings,Pharoah’s, and His disciples that He was King!

Remember the Christmas story? The King was born!(this term is loosely used,only because He was always there, but to our understanding when now have the King).

Let us know go and proclaim the King is Here!!



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