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Genesis 28:15-17 15 “Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done that of which I have spoken to you.” 16 Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, ” sureley the Lord is in this place’ and I did not know it.” 17 And he was afraid and said,”How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of Heaven.”

Read this very carefully. Notice the associations, the references that both sides give. They say them differently, but they are saying the same thing. Land mentioned by God is His saying this is where I will be. House(Temple) by Jacob is the house where God lives, and interestingly cryptic for us but we have missed it in our ciphering of this passage is that this land/Temple/house/place is also “Heaven” which also implies that this was the Garden of Eden!!

Do you see it? With Jacob, later will becom Israel as a nation, God’s people, His selected example to become a light upon a Hill to the entire World, would later be for All to be, His people!!

I want to also point out that the ‘land’ reference to the ‘Temple’ also needs to be rectified in understanding. Do you see it? One, Jacob associates God’s home to a temple(because it has to have a building) This was before the actual first Temple was even thought about, it was probably seen as the thing to do because of other people had buildt temples to their Gods. God’s plan for his people was to start with the idea of the temple,sacrifices,commandments to bring them into the realm of God.

It is then that God ‘saves’ us from our transgressions by sending His Son to die on the cross, and Create the New Man for all to become!!


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New Creation(John)

John’s first line is the same as the first line in the old testament book of Genesis. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” 2. He was in the beginning with God. 3. all things were made through him,and without him was not anything made that was made. 4. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

There is some powerful stuff in those first 5 lines in John. There is also alot of things to work thru in those first 5 verses. Let’s start with verse one, It tells us two things in this short but powerful, telling of words. First, It tells us that the Trinity has been around forever, The Father, Son(Jesus), and the Holy Spirit have been hovering around everything before time started, but mainly the story of Creation that God tells us that His Son, was there too. He is the “Word”. This knowledge that God’s son was there all the time, could be very mind blowing if we would just sit and think about it for awhile. This also tells me that the trinity was together ‘in the beginning’! Kaboom! WOW!

The second thing that the first verse tells us, is that although this sounds alot like Genesis 1, which it is, it is actually telling us that it is a little different. Now, to know this, one would have to know or read the whole old testament, or have been told it by someone. The journey of man has taken alot of bad turns over the centuries, including still in our lifetime. We have turned our back on him in every part of our lives, because ‘we know’ what is good for us. LOL It has been like this because man chose what was behind door #2, which was the ‘knowledge of good and evil’. This has the makings of alot of bad in our future, as we all know.

Verse three reaffirms us that God and the Messiah and the Holy Spirit were always there, and everything was made through them. God was/is the author and designer of everything good. Just like the first six days of creation everything made by God was perfectly good. Not a blemish in anything. White as snow. Holy and blameless. It was Godly and Holy.

Now, verse four is unique, it tells us that this is the ‘New Creation’, and not of the first creation. Let’s look at the verse again to see what it says-“In him was life, and the life was the light of men”. The first part of the verse saying that ‘In him was life’ can only be construed as being after Christ had died and arose again on the third day, by his proclaiming that ‘Christ was the Life, and He gave it back in abundance’. There was ‘no life in the first covenant, with the law, that did not create salvation to the people. but the second but New Creation did!

The second part of verse four is one of great joy and hope for all who seek him. It says “and the life was the light of men”, this is telling us that man is filled with his glory and shekinah, the light of God, even as the light as God produced on the first day! It is God, and He is filled in us, and Us in Him! Hallelujah, and Amen!! God is Great!

This is the eternal purpose of God to have a creation and for it to cry “Holy, Holy what a mighty God we serve”!

Verse five is even more exciting to find out, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” This again is pointing to the ‘New Creation’, when it proclaims that the ‘Light has shown on everything and it is not dark anywhere, the Light is everywhere! No more darkness to find! God is everywhere His creation is back to reality, and no more evil, earthly turmoil, or mankind’s knowledge of good or evil!

Praise God for just these first five verses in John! We will stop here for now and continue on in John soon.

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“As the Father has sent me,…”

In John 20.21 when Jesus told his followers “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you”

What if? What if we got this statement all wrong, that we have misunderstood what Jesus was telling us?

Our recognition of what we think it means is that Jesus wants us to be sent also, as was He. But………

What if we first break down the meaning of the first half of the sentence, so we will know what the last part of the sentence means.

The Father sent Jesus to do or be what? God had a specific mission for his son to do on his creation. But what was it? From my perspective I believe that we have missed an important issue in Jesus’s coming to earth, it is that He had to become an identity to the world that they would recognize. Yes, He was a man, but he was so much more! He was God in man!! Jesus’s main goal (I believe) was to be recognized as God as the Son of God. This was going to be harder than you think to get people to believe this.

This is when context really comes into play in a story that we must realizes makes the point to what Jesus was really up against. In this age, or even for ages before the god’s have always been around, but with a slight different slant to what we would be used to. You see the ‘god’s’ were always upstairs somewhere never to show their selves to anyone, their was the imaginative imagination of what each god actually looked like(thus the ‘idol’ of such one made by man, really doesn’t make sense) and to give each one of them a description of what each god could do as a job.

Now if you were used to this scenario over the centuries with your people this would be the norm. But what if one day, a man was walking down the street and looked different,sounding different and being different than any other man walking the trail that day, there was something special about him, but you different know what. This man started to touch people who were sick, disabled, or their life was just rotten to the core, and He healed them in whatever condition the person was in. His wisdom talking to the leaders of His Priest, out surpassed them in their understanding of the Torah. Passerby’s were awe struck with his authority of men and women. The faith that they believed in Him to heal and cure their lives was astonishing.

You see God had to send His Son to earth to show the world that He was God, the Son of God. God of the creation,man, and the earth. This was his goal. It was to bring his authority back into the reality of mankind, and not him. Man’s attempt to achieve a paradise on the earth was and is a failure. God’s faithfulness, which has never left man, or in another way of putting it, God is and did keep his side of new covenant that He proposed to Man, Man had not kept his side of the covenant to God, God will bring it to a full commitment with His Son dying on the cross to kill off the man’s inability to take care of his half. Man would succumb to the liabilities of himself. Jesus becoming the ‘New Man’ of the ‘New Identity of God’ is to reign forever and ever.

Now, to answer the question at the beginning of the blog, The ‘Father has sent me’, is the defining of what God was, who He was,and what He was doing in the ‘Son of God’ on earth,as this ‘New Creation’! This is,and will be “you”,”Man”!

“,I am sending you” is the statement from Jesus that He is sending us to be the same as “Jesus” in this new creation!

We are all to be like Him in the image of God!

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Times R A changing!

Christianity is going thru a metamorphosis If you haven’t heard.

I want to address the fact that why you haven’t heard anything, as far as the topic, not the subject of what is changing.

To many times everybody is caught up in their world, and they stay in it. They dare to adventure outside this bubble, they call their world. They keep their eyes and ears pinned to sights and sounds of this captive world. It is the uneasy thought of change, the hassle of proving one’s rightness, the need to explore deeper into the foundation of life. Man’s desire of being a follower into what ever catches his fancy. It is that failure to see that man’s truly desire to seek what their creator has laid out for them.

This bubble that ‘some’ christians seem to be in, is because of this ‘oh-hum’,this is all I’ve known, my parents did it this way, I’m to lazy to verify things of what I believe, the bible says it to be this way. These things that are said for the reason to stay in this ‘bubble’ of not wanting to ‘change’ or ‘seek’ truth instead of assuming the same ole same tradition.

God’s people must be bold and transparent to the world that they are to be “God’s people”, His body, His Holy Nation, and most importantly ‘His Creation’.

God has chosen His People. He chose them in Genesis. Adam and Eve He did. He chose them. In Plural form. In uniqueness, In firstness, in marriage, in Holiness, in Eternal Purpose. God’s desire was man and to flourish. What God puts together, no man can separate it. (paraphrased) The complete and whole body will be united in the restoration of the ‘New Creation’ in the future.

Expanding our knowledge in God or the scriptures will never be complete but the seeking God’s Eternal Purpose for His Creation will always be our Goal.

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The model

It’s natural.

Why?      Why do we try to make things hard for ourselves, groups or even for the body of God?

We create, design, improve on programs, or just reuse the same things over and over again to try and say it worked before,why not agian?

This natural model is always overlooked as the only way that it was designed to work in every situation. But yet  we seem to think that it could be done in a very different and better way. We even move the agenda away from where it should be where it should start.

What am I talking about?

In Genesis 1-2, It started in particular place, a particular people, a particular two. Those two were designed for a purpose. They were designed to be a divine twosome. A Godly couple, a couple that was to go forth and multiply. (This model, had it gone right, we would not be talking about this subject now) This divine couple was to in a seamless act pass on this divine nature to the next generation and they were to  pass it on to the next generation again.

So, what happened? We,Adam and Eve, were introduced to Sin, and we became friends with it,accepted it. We,Adam’s generation’s broke this chain of link’s that was planned in the beggining to venture on their own reasoning. Their reasoning took them in alot of different ways, one that stood out was the one of ‘going’ to a ‘place’ where our God could meet us. It had to be special, Holy, and only one place. Ironically, we had to build it ourselves?

But, why did we not see the blueprint that was made for us in the place that we were just kicked out of? Did our knowledge of good and evil,stand in our way of seeing the ‘Temple’ that God had designed and yet we thought that we could duplicate it, in maybe a smaller scale,as a Synagogue or a church building?

Our attempt at reality(God’s realm) has been made in  human realm that doesn’t do justice to God’s reality! God’s reality is not our’s. His model is not ours. But yet we see it as the right one. We only see His reality thru our reality’s eyes, but if we would see the reality of God thru His eyes, it would be clear to us.

This model or the framework of His purpose could only be designed thru ‘the family’ and ‘thru Him’ to be eternal. The family model, is natural, it’s an effortless transition of God’s desire of fellowship from then to now and thru eternity! I believe that we see that it is thru Him, but it is still a ‘work’ that puts us behind the eight ball that gets us in trouble. We feel that urge to ‘help’ God out to achieve His Temple. The bible says the opposite of this.

What would the model look like if we were to start it now? The Family(Body) would ‘be’, in know time! Isn’t this what God was doing in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve?

The Body was just an infant, and yet it died.

The ‘New Creation’ is now alive with Christ and still in it’s childhood but will someday be the Bride, that He has always had His eyes on!

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