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‘One’ in Christ

Our understanding of what it means by being one in fellowship with one another is looked at in the wrong way. It is this that has lead us down the wrong path.

We use this as our ritual of going to the building for the ‘being one with the Lord’, It is our logic to say that because we are going to this building where ‘the Holy Place’ where God is located. This concept is a holdover from the old testament that was cancelled in the new testament of ‘being in Christ’. Christ’s presence in the world was not in the temple, but was united with his creation, man.

There are two things here that work hand in hand together that will bring us to being the body of Christ. One of these things is that our perception of ‘where God is, is skewed, in that we ‘only’ see him in a building, called ‘church’. God’s desire for his people is bigger than this for one, and two, He wants to be be ‘in’ everyone of His creation. Our use of this very limited perception has hampered our awareness of ‘Our Awesome,Majestic, All Mighty, Omnipotent, Fatherly, Lovingly, God that wants to be with us in everyone and everywhere.

Secondly we must realize that the concept that God is in Us, as the image of God is never to be forgotten, or to fully understand this. We are one, we are in Christ. This is why in Eph 4.6, God tells us that He will be ‘all in all’ when we are gathered together, In Christ’s name. It is this that we must ‘see’ to know that we ‘In Christ’ when we are together, wherever we are It is in this paradigm that we can be the light unto the ‘nations’ to bring them to God.


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We are one in the Spirit!

What does this really Mean?
I think that I may have something to that regard.
My wife and I have been married for almost 32 years and it seems that we have been on the same page for quite a few years with alot of stuff. It seems that we can predict what each other will say before we say it, we can know what we both want for supper,we know each other more than the other person realizes it.
I wonder if this is what it means in the bible that the 2 shall become 1?!
This is the description of a marriage!
If this is correct, then the concept of the church(bride) and Christ(groom) being 1 in the Spirit makes sense!!!!
The key to all this is the fellowship of my wife and me thru all these years with getting to walk and talk to each other, learning from each other and desiring more and more time together.
Our time with God is the key to all this oneness. We have to desire to be with Him every second, every day of our lives!
We can be One in the Spirit with the Lord!!!

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