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How do you ‘see’ the scriptures?

I might be all over the place with this blog, I’m feeling like I need to point out alot of things to everyone! Yes, it’s my turn! lol

My life’s journey has brought me thru alot of things and places because of my heritage thru my fathers’ line of work. You see he was a pastor for all his life and it took our family to some different cities and different states. Which I enjoyed them all as a kid, I didn’t know anything else but to enjoy it. It was a adventure to me as just a new place to check out.

It is in this adventure that I have looked back and tried to surmise the things that my father was doing as a pastor to people. Now, being old as I am I have forgotten some things that occurred or where they happened but their are things that have stuck out in my memories whether they be bad or good, they have. The memories that I have are the ones that were of my father, and my mother that were of the ‘teacher’ method of shepherding people. Let me say at the outset that I believe that this method of ‘teacher’ was the correct mode of said ‘pastor’, but I fear that it was all in vain, because this way was shallow in it’s presentation. What I have seen and read of various authors,pastors, evangelist’s, is that there was a ‘Theology’ first, then a foundation of scripture that fit the scenario. This is backwards.

It is the scripture that should create our understanding of God. This is the model which should of been emphasized from the very early beginning. The good news is that it seems that this is starting to come out thru the works of alot of theologians who have put in tireless work in digging out the storyline of the bible. It doesn’t come out easy, it is searching for God’s work in everything that He orchestrates thru his hands. But it is making a difference in how we see the bible as the word of God, and his people.(for more information on this,just make a comment to me at the end)

Another thing that is closely tied to this is the failure of the previous story, and even now, that there was and is a failure of the people of God that are failing to read and ‘know’ the scriptures! I don’t know for sure what the reason is, behind this, but I have a few. Lazy on the individual,lazy to know the pastor will tell them sunday, I have heard it before, read all the stories in the bible, doesn’t pertain to me, and the list goes on. People have not, and were not told of the storyline of the scriptures from day one of their interest in God. This is major flaw of christianity to the world. We have not presented the God of our World to the people in the right way.

Our way was to tell the stories of all the great people of the bible and their stories, to impress them of such great men or women to loft up our God and his purpose. But that is to shallow. God started from the beginning, Genesis to start this journey and a blueprint of what God was going to do in the now, and the latter. In which the now and the latter were the same. Compare Genesis 1-2 with Revelation 21-22. God’s book should be read and ‘known’ from beginning to end. There is storyline, WE HAVE TO FOLLOW IT! The New Testament(covenant, I prefer) is the continuation from the Old Testament(old covenant). This brings out the biblical thought with using Covenant, instead of ‘Testament’.

I would recommend to people to get a few people together and start in genesis and just get a fresh perspective on how God has put very specific things into place and also people to make his story come alive for us. Go slow and methodical, to ‘see’ God’s design of his people and his Kingdom.

You might have a revelation in doing it this way by realizing that ‘we’ can all become ‘one’ in our ‘knowing’ and ‘seeing’ God, and not be split in our ways as we are now!

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Where are we at?

I think we have been here before. Is that what is called Deja vu?

Back during the old covenant, the Israelites were confined to the meeting of God to one place, in going to the temple and to bring sacrifices to him, for various reasons according to their faith. It was for the offering of their best cattle or sheep, being their first fruits of their labor.

This ‘going’ to a place to be ‘where’ God was located was a very new and strange thing for the Israelites, because in the gentile world, their gods were nowhere to be seen or heard. The Israelites being set apart from the gentiles, their God was connecting with them thru the building of a temple that was creating by man for God to make his presence known to man. It was because of the downfall of man in the Garden of Eden, that God had to create his Temple for man and for Him to walk and talk together in the world, that God had to start with a pinpoint on the earth, only behind a veil, for only a High Priest to ‘be’ with Him.

This was God attempting to start small, and simple for God’s people, to get them to follow rules(the 10 commandments) to show them the human way of following God to Himself. It is during this journey that Israel tries, but fails in its attempt to follow these rules to ‘be’ with God. This ‘human’ attempt at trying to be with God, was a obvious a failure just waiting to happen. Humanity is flawed in that it is not of God, in ‘knowing’ God. It has only known itself in that when we(humanity) chose not to have ‘Life’, but to ‘know’ good and evil, We are separated from him.

It is here,the scene where we are still going to ‘this’ temple as the ‘only’ place where can ‘be’ with God, in this small Holy of Hollies, that we then leave and go back to our lives and our so called life to live. It is again calling us to go back to this scenario the next week to visit this veiled area that we perceived to be where God is, when we leave our sacrifices at the alter.

Our giving of our sacrifices of our ‘first fruits’ in a building, is the ‘Cain’ attempt of sacrificing. It is the giving of ourselves as God’s people to him we will be Only restored back to Him.

I believe that we may have believed the ‘only’ way to God is thru the building. The building was established thru laws of God’s people the Israelites kept, in which they were not able to follow, resulting in God leaving the Temple, and the Temple being destroyed, taking away all the regulations and traditions of their covenant. It was over.

God’s plan was not yet completed. There are three things that are described in God’s plan: God, a people, a Kingdom. I only mentioned 2 of the 3 in the description of God and the Israelites. God left the temple, He destroyed the temple, but He was still their God.

God’s original King,Kingdom, and people was already used in his story to be used for the model of His Kingdom. It was the Garden of Eden!

This is the desire for God(King) that God’s people will be ‘in Christ’ which is of God(Kingdom),will be with Him in the New Jerusalem(Garden of Eden,land,Whole World)

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Let’s get deeper!

I have blogged on this subject a few times in the past with great intentions of making a stir of things.

With the new environment that we live in these days, I believe it is more relevant to do so, studying the word in small groups, either with family members or a few friends. I would say no more than 10 people to keep it personal and not as a meeting with a leader. I have been in a few of these groups a couple of times, and the atmosphere was very good in conducive to speaking up in the group to chime in with your speaking.

These types of get together is key to broadening your mindset of things of the scriptures, but to also become a consensus of one mind after awhile of the main message of the bible. One thing that has helped me understanding the ‘of one mind’ mentality is not just writing blogs, but to read blogs of other people and then to watch the comments come in to the blog of various opinions and statements. For one, it was very entertaining but more importantly showed me on how far apart everyone is on the meaning of the scriptures, most of reply’s are in a more legalistic way. Which bothers me even more. But you understand where I am coming from, it was informational to read this various opinions of things, but it also told me that we are all are not of one mind.

The journey that I have been on for the last say twelve years has been an interesting one. I have studied alot of different things from history to spiritual realms of God’s world, from author’s beliefs, to study of men of the bible, to commentaries on just about everything. But it is that one thing that seems to be missing from this equation, God. What does God say.

We seem to actually dismiss God in the storyline of things that are being ‘preached’,studied, or wrote about. God’s plan is nowhere being discussed or even know where to look for it. But it is there!

It is actually on the first page. and the last page.

I have discussed this paradigm with a few people and they are thoroughly confused in what I am talking about. The first page? Genesis? What does that have to do with anything? But it does!

Just as with God we make our plans for things, when we want to make something, when we plan a vacation, when we have a project, we have a plan. The first thing out of our mouths is ‘I am going to make ________. This is your mission statement. Plain and simple. So this is exactly what God did. God said “I am going to make my people”, and He did.

Now, obviously there was a few bumps along the way, but God’s plan has not stopped in becoming what He set out to do. His plan is still active. But most importantly, it is HIS plan. This will come to fruition in Revelation 21,22.

It is when God’s people get bogged down in the small details, or the which is right details that we make God’s people continuing to walk in the wilderness instead of coming to Him!

It is this kind of discussion with people around God’s storyline of the scriptures, not man’s. God is in His World to make it his, and we are showing him how to make it? God’s plan or Eternal Purpose(as I say, or my blog site name says) is what we should be trying to ‘SEE’ in God’s Word!

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In the beginning

This is where is all starts.

The plan.


Genesis 1:26-28.

This is the plan.

The plan for eternity,forever and ever.

No matter what, this is going to happen, so help me, God.

I am who I am.

My creation, my plan.

My people, my work, my design.

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