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Where does your religion start?

This may sound like a weird question? But where does your religion start in the bible?

Where does it start to get it’s basis and reasoning for your religion? What is ‘your personal belief’, what is your denomination’s belief? Have you ever thought about it? How does it come together? Who brought it together,and how did He/She, or they bring it together to form your religion? Think about this and come up with an answer in your mind or in a textual sense to satisfy your reasoning.

This is going to be a 2-part blog today. Another one will be this afternoon. I will talk about where my ‘religion’ starts, and why I think it should start there.


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Is it ‘me’ or ‘us’?

For those that are unaware of things in the christian realm in theology of our day, there are two prevalent thoughts that are being talked about in churches and out of churches(authors,teachers,theologians).

The two that are being discussed and preached are what we could call the ‘Heaven and Hell’ story which has been the prevalent storyline that christianity has been telling for centuries and the one that is in great discussion in and out of christianity which is the ‘Kingdom of God‘ story.

One question that I have had for over 10 years in my journey that I am on now, is the problem of christianity’s changing the emphasis of the scriptures of the old testament to the new testament in it’s emphasis from ‘a people’ to ‘me’. I’ve asked alot of people this question without any answers or understanding.

Maybe, just maybe this is how we have come to the theology of the concept of ‘heaven and hell’. The old testament is all about ‘the people’, our changing of the emphasis to ‘me’ in the new testament has changed the message of the scriptures to take us down the wrong road which has taken us to this ‘me’ approach of the new testament.

Because we have changed the emphasis of ‘the people’ of the old testament story, and jumped to the new testament for whatever reason to the ‘me’ aspect of the audience that the ‘gospel’ is for, is that this is the outcome that we get.

But if we stay with the emphasis of ‘the people’ of the old testament to the new testament we come up with the theme of the entire new testament of ‘Kingdom of God’. This completes the story from start to finish, Genesis to Revelation, Alpha to Omega.

Something to think about, or study further don’t you think!

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Who’s in Charge?

It seems to me that the basic question in the Garden of Eden was ” Who is in Charge here”!

I don’t know about you, but if I was to just wake from a deep sleep or a beginning of my life and seen the garden of a beautiful landscape, my reaction would probably be “Did I do that?!”. lol.  My instincts would just takeover and assume that this creation was all about me, not for me!

A new creation I would be,unbeknowst to me, that I would think that I created this exquisite scene all around me. After all, I am the only one around! Therefore, I am in charge.

I, then, in my mind, must be a God!

But wait, a voice, where is that coming from? It is above me, but from where? I am the only one here.

This is strange. He says that He created everything that I see all around me, and above me as far as I can see.

Ok,So maybe I didn’t create everything around me, I thought I was something special. But He says, that he is God, the God of my creation and of my world. Wow, you mean he made me, and all these things around me,above me, and all the living things he made are for me. And He is going to come down to me from wherever He is and live with me?!

So the creator,author,God is going to live with me. Cool.

Now, my decision then is to decide whether I can make the important decision for life in this world and survive, or to believe that this God is the Life of all things that He has made.

We know the rest of the story, and its many trials and tribulations that man had to go thru to think that he was capable of Life.

So, Isn’t the first and only question throughout the scriptures, “Who’s in Charge?”

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