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For those that don’t know what the word means in the title, no many do that don’t really study the bible. There are two definitions of the word “word” from the bible that take on a whole new meaning depending on how you interpret the meaning. We can use one meaning throughout the whole bible and come away with a version of the bible, than someone who interprets the word in the other definition.

and this could be where we get into some various beliefs.

“Logos” is the actual words of God that have inspired the bible and have been written down for us. This is the way that alot of people and especially the jewish community as to how the bible is to be read.

But there is another word that is used to describe the word of God, and that is “Rhema”.

Now this is a deeper meaning of “word”. An example of this word rhema being used is the verse of Romans 10:17. “So faith come out of hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.” Note the word used in this verse “hearing” it did not say “seeing”. I think we sometimes just input the word “seeing” to prove our understanding of it. But  “Word” in the verse is the rhema type that is used here. It is not the written word but deeper meaning of the whole “word”. We need to also understand that we need to take the “word” of God as a whole,not as parts,as we do now. (Those that study Greek can verify in the texts mention that this is how it is used.)

This deeper meaning of the word or rhema I believe is what could be referenced as “the spirit of the Word”. Let this sink in for a minute, and say it out loud to really understand what this means. We need to be descriptive of each word of this phrase. Spirit, this is the more elusive description of God, but we can try our best to describe it. God’s spirit has always been. God’s spirit is what God is all about. It is His will. He’s desire. It is really a description of Him. And God is God!

Let me take this even further real to us when I use a personal reference to imitate this being. My rules(commandments) as a father to my three girls(when they were younger) knew of my restrictions and rules of the McCall household. But these were not actually written rules that I had, but they were beliefs and personalities of myself that I was portraying on my household. I know I told them what they were at least a million times,don’t know if they really remembered them, but Oh well. After all, this was my Kingdom! ha,ha.(don’t tell my wife)

Can you see the picture that I have created, it wasn’t the written laws that I wrote(10 commandments) it was a reflection of me in those laws that I was trying to show the girls that I wanted them to be also. It wasn’t about the million laws that I could of wrote down.

Our seeing the 10 commandments as “logos” has really hurt our understanding of the father,in this case God. We have to see the “Word” as “Rhema” as the “Spirit of the Word”.

What is it that God wants us to hear in the Word?

On a personal note, I have been searching and studying and reading and pondering and  meditating on the “Spirit of the Word” and I feel that I have come to an understanding of what God’s intentions are for His People. albeit I don’t everything about it, but I think that I know the gist of the outline. I see more and more of Him everyday, and I thank him daily.

I pray that you too can “See” and “Hear” Him in His “Word”.


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