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Sin-Idolatry,Sins-Results from Idolatry

Knowing where to start from is usually the best place to go. Identifying what you are up against in any situation is always best.

Putting labels on things are good, but sometimes we need to go deeper and see what things are what they really are. We need to define sin. What is it?

When God was talking to Adam and Eve and giving them the tour of the Garden and the do’s and don’t’s. It was then that Adam was given a ‘choice’ of ‘Life’ and the ‘knowledge of good and evil’. Now if it was me, why would anyone choose anything but life. But the real story is the either or thing. Adam and Eve chose for themselves to be kings(Idol) of their own domain, and take the chance of how things would turn out. This is the definition of Idolatry. Choosing a ‘substitute’ object other than God is the definition of Idolatry. It would be the same as creating an object out of wood or stone, to worship as ‘their’ god. They were substituting God with themselves. This was ‘the Sin’.

Anything that comes from the acting out of this ‘Sin’, is considered sins or wrongdoings. This is our condition that we are in as of today and the past.

Luke 1:77 To give to His people the knowledge of salvation
By the forgiveness of their sins,… God is telling us that our ‘actions’ from ‘Sin’ are being forgiven. This is first step from God in clearing the road of Sin and Sins from the world. God gives mankind a ‘second’ or ‘New’ Creation to begin again in the realm of “Life” as God had intended.

Just as the first step, God would take care of the second thing,too. Jesus would change things on the first one too. Jesus would soon announce that the death and resurrection of Life. This is the ‘action’ that God took to cancel out the death of Sin and it’s action. Jesus Christ being the ‘Messiah’ was ‘saving’ mankind from ‘Sin’ by ‘being’ the example of ‘New Creation’ as being Holy.

Rom 12:2

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

This verse is the next step in our journey of ‘being in the will of God’, It is the ‘changing’ of our mind to secure this transformation. It is not by the will of our flesh, but of the spirit of God that now guides us in our live to attain the ‘Tree of Life’.

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Have we left the old covenant behind us?

This may sound weird to hear,and even on the stupid side. But is it?

My heritage of christian life has led me to over probably a thousand sermons,talks, studies, or just innuendo’s that have said that we haven’t left the old covenant behind us in our christian thinking. Yes we should understand it for what it meant to the people of Israel to be accountable to God thru the laws of  life and each other. But this was for this age it was to cover for the people and time.

What we also fail to see in our use of it now, is sorta ironic and sad. First, it is the whole covenant that is at issue with the problem, as a society then, and even now so, we have failed to ‘see’ that it is a flawed  paradigm. It is not the necessarily the laws and works of the people that were wrong, but it is the people. We are flawed. So in anything we do will not be a correct way of solving the problem, in any way we try.

So why do we use and go by the old covenant in ‘yes’ our church’s? Unless someone can show me something otherwise, the only thing that I have come up with is that the ‘old covenant supports the ‘physical church building’, and to go against this paradigm is just  a sin.(this scenario sorta sounds like the jewish one of not seeing what God was doing thru Jesus)

My honest belief is that christianity(body) is in last trimester of being born. You can tell that she is getting close to coming into fruition, the body of Christ! I see signs, I hear signs, and I feel signs that is the coming of the body of Christ.

I, being free from the confines of a building which holds christians in one place to worship, which is absent from the scriptures of the new covenant. I see the changes thru various ways throughout my daily routines, I have people tell how something that is new to a otherwise ‘as usual’ understood concept in church, is now being questioned or done another way.

As with any pregnancy we don’t know when are where it will happen but it will sudden and with delight to all that this small but loved birth is here. It is also that when the ‘Body of Christ’ is alive and well we will be joyous and Holy People!


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planet-earth-1401465793UfsGenesis 1.26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our own image,after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

“Imatation is the Greatest form of flattery”!!

Do you see what God has done?

His image was duplicated and put on earth to be set as an example of Himself, of who he was, what he was, and why he was. We are his spitting image of himself to be seen as the creator,the designer, the caretaker,and the representation of all mankind.

We are the model. the representative, The Adam, of God.

We are to just BE  the image. that’s it. period.

Do you understand? This was God’s design. Nothing else is to be done,nothing to be said, nothing,nothing for us to do.

God has taken it upon himself to set things right.

Let me take this for ride that you might not see, in the scriptures, God’s desire is not only to rid the cause of the fall(sin) but also of the punishment that was given out to mankind. (This is very relevent, and most of the time not addressed in discussions of the resurrection of Jesus) something to think about. God’s desire was to  kill two birds with one stone, to use the old adage. God would send his son to represent the  sinless of man, to die for its repercussion of the act, but to the unsuspecting world he not only goes thru death but he comes out the other side to conquer it thru the resurrection of Jesus.

Now, with the crime(sin) and the punishment(death) being taken care of, it is now in short, a new creation(LIFE) without the baggage as before. It is now the true ‘image’ of God on his ‘land’ and his ‘kingdom’.

“It is Finished” John 19:30

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Did He or didn’t He?

Are we supposed to Act differently when someone has paid our debt off?
For some reason or other we continue to believe that we still owe it!!!
I am talking about Christ paying for the debt of the World-SIN!!!!
If we understand the concept of sin, that is the product of good and evil, then if Christ died for it, or has taken it away as a choice, then why are we still acting like it is still there?
Let me go back to the beginning, Adam was only given 2 choices in the garden, the tree of Life or the tree of good and evil. He choose the tree of good and evil, then if Christ died for this tree(sin) All we have left to choose is the Tree of Life(Holy Spirit)(Eternal Life)!!!!! This is what God wanted all along!! Let us Be and Act like we have chosen the Tree of Life!!!!

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