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It’s all about the “Word”

I am astounded on how much I learn on a daily basis of the bible. Although I am retired for the last year, I have continued my thirst for the word. My thirst before retirement was as just as thirsty when I was a working man in the world.

It is that thirst that drives me each day that I wake up to drink all I can. But is there anyone else out there the same way as I, that cannot sleep because they are thinking why did God do this to the people of Israel, or why Paul confronted Peter in Antioch? It’s that desire to ‘know’ God. Period. Either God doesn’t want me to sleep or I have a serious problem of thinking to much! Or it could be both?

God and or God’s word should be on our minds constantly as it says in the scriptures with the “pray without ceasing”, meaning that we should be talking to God all thru the day with our creator and author. It is this mindset that will get christianity on its way of ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ Him as He really is. God’s desire is one that started from the beginning of his desire of his creation and that mankind would be walking in His Garden again with Him. Walking and talking, living with your creator, what more could anyone ask for?

I was once asked how long should it take to ‘read’ the bible? I was referencing the aspect of most church’s that push the infamous one year or two year plan of reading the bible, when I suggest that I believe that it would probably take 50 years to actually ‘read’ it in the way that it should be understood. It is that proverbial saying that we do when we read a verse and say “I didn’t see that before”! It is that reading and re-reading things that build upon itself to see the ‘real’ understanding of God’s wisdom.

Another insight that I would suggest to the very newcomer of literature of the bible, is to start at the beginning, just as you would with any novel. The bible is a narrative by God thru man to tell His story of his creation and the journey that they take together. It is the journey of God that starts us with the eternal purpose of His. It is LIFE and filled with abundance.

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Revisiting Garden of Eden & Revelation

I have touched on this subject probably on a few occasions with some different proclamations, but today I am using the two statements in a different way.

I have started another long and winding road towards the matters of studying the early church fathers, not knowing where it will lead me. But it is the way I like it. New and Different, outside the box kinda thing, I say! It is here, that I found out studying another subject, that all the answers that we are searching for in between these two statements of ‘Garden of Eden’ and ‘Revelation’ are in these two statements!

I have like I said pointed out in my blogs that it is in these two statements, ‘Beginning & ‘Eternal’ that we can find our storyline to follow in between the two statements. But it is the two statements that will drive our storyline to fruition.

So let’s re look at the beginning, the garden of Eden, What was it,and Why? God’s desires an image, an image in his likeness in his world(Temple), with fellowship together with them. It is in this fellowship that His desire is to commune with them. It is the unity of the Trinity of God that is the basis of Life. This Life is the sole instrument of what God is. Life is the Alpha and the Omega.(This statement should be written into our minds and our hearts to guide us to God’s desire for Man)

God’s beginning was not conditional on whether it worked on man or not, it would work! There’s no plan b. God’s fellowship was his goal with his creation, to create a land, a people, and a King/Priest to enjoy eternity, worshiping the creator by the creation.

God created a masterpiece in the universe that man can only see a very minute piece of it at this time, which it stills boggles my mind on our magnificent it is. I can’t even imagine what we will exclaim when we can see the whole thing,(I am assuming that the only way that we will be able to see the whole thing is when Heaven and Earth are re-united together soon.) It is this backdrop in the image of God’s desire to set up the most desirous thing possible for us by Him. There has not been anything spared in the luxury’s of God’s world for us. It was us and God,mingling,walking,talking,living together!

This is the life.

No, This is Life.

Now let’s fast forward in time and the story. God is describing the New Jerusalem(this context is pointing to that of ‘it’ is the temple that God was always wanting(Garden of Eden), Man inside his temple and all his Glory). New Jerusalem will be flowing with the river of life, stones of beauty to show God’s utmost of himself, It’s symbolism of the the twelve tribes of Israel, the Glory is all in all.

God’s reality of His Kingdom is now come to it’s fruition. It is the accumulation of all things together in God’s name that the ‘Eternal Purpose’ has come to God and Man.

Now it is just the journey in the middle of the story that will continue the story from A to B, this is the journey, to lead us into the Glory of the Lord in his ‘New Kingdom’.

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Alpha,beginning,first,start all terms used to describe adam’s status. Adam is/was used as the lightening rod of measurements to everything following him as to a blueprint for life and to a life abundant. But why?

Why and to what extent is adam used as a measuring cup to life?. What is his creditials? Who is he? and says who?

God can be a very direct and to the point God, just ask the jewish people. See the Ten commandments. See the laws of food,worship,and life as example’s. God on the other hand can be very suttle in his desires for us. This is the hard part for us it seems, is to see or hear as the jewish society didn’t hear the small but influential nuances that need to be added to another setting or story to see what God was doing or describing his will.

Talking, hearing. Oh for the days of yore! This as we know was the rule of the day that things learned were of the hearing and listening of someone talking in front of the tabernacle just talking about God. or it could be from a roaming prophet,or teacher,or rabbi that would spout words of wisdom to all that would listen. The detail of the message was in the interwoven things that God’s instruments were saying if you put them all together. Like a symphony!

Adam, the first family as it was was, is, the mold to which we should not just imitate but to see it for all it is worth. This man, Adam, his being, his identity, his world, his purpose, his future, what were they?

God’s plan was and is the same today, but maybe with a bit of clarity of the whole story and design  of things than of before, but there were signposts of things even back in those early day of Adam. We can start by looking at the why God created eve? There is at least two main reason’s why God did this, one is probably obvious and that is the multiplying of his creation.  The second is there in front of our faces is that God’s creation desired company!  Just as God and His Spirit had fellowship in the beggining, so to did Adam. So this was just not a message of human enteraction with each other but of a description of how God feels about his creation. You see how suttle that was of God!

Another peek into God’s heart is understand the story of the first murder. The first parents of the world are not immune to issues with their children, in fact it may just show us why we are having the problems we are having with our kids. What we need to do to start, is to get past the act of the murder, but to concentrate on the actions of both cain and able. We need to look at cain’s life first, Both cain and able were the children of Adam and Eve, they had just been kicked out of the garden of eden to try and make it on their own. New place,New rules!

Now what they make of this situation is and could be the defining moment of ‘mankind’ if they had really understood the ramifications. Adam and eve having just gone thru an learning experience with God, would they take his truth and continue with it or would they continue to go it alone? What would adam and eve’s legacy do? Along come cain and able to put their parents knowledge and experience to use, oh, how would they do? Cain, a tiller of the ground. Able, a keeper of the sheep.

Do you see it? It is right there in front of you!,keep looking and you will see it!  We are just into the 4th chapter of the bible and there is a astounding “AHA” moment of the bible!

Let’s go back to chapter 2 verse 15 when God says that he took the man and put him into the garden of eden to dress it and to KEEP it. God wants Adam to continue to keep the garden as it is, God’s design. This means all that he has made. The heavens, the land, the water, the air, the animals and himself. Let’s now go back to chapter 4 verse 2 the first part when it says, “and abel was a KEEPER of SHEEP.”  Did abel thru his parent(s) learn this or was this the defining moment that man sees,hears and knows of God’s desire of his creation. Abel got it, did Cain?

Cain’s learning or teaching was from a different teacher,but not of God. Cain, in verse two of chapter 4 says that he was a tiller of the ground. Is this understanding of God, or man?  Cain separated himself from God to go at it,himself. To work, by the tilling of the ground to survive, and to be his own self.

There was beginning of God’s design, his creation adapts to his own, his creation develops, only one of the two chooses to see and hear God’s true will to right the ship. Our path has followed the one that didn’t see or hear God’s will.

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