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  Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” John 2.19

What does this mean to you?

Give me all your input to what you understand this to mean?

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Where 2 or 3 are gathered…..

I see a different body being portrayed in the years to come.

Not mine, but the body of Christ. It is being molded in a different way because of universal conditions. Let me condition this statement with a bit of clarification, I like to talk about the universal body, the body of the world of Christ’s followers. What I don’t want to do is to make a statement that is just considered a perspective from what country that I live in. This would in fact make my observations skewed in my perspective.

I believe that God has altered man’s way, a way that was going in the wrong direction, that was hampering in the way that God could be seen as the God of All. It has brought about all around the world the social scene of just being with a friend or two to socialize in the daily activities that we have. We are being subjected into the more close knit groups that we have already made in our little world’s. This is where the meat of the close reliability of our true friends can honestly be a great advantage for us to talk frankly to with each other.

Mankind has been pulled in so many directions over the last 40-50 years with social issues,governmental distrust, and just plain confusing life everyday. This may bring the family closer to each other being sequestered together more of the day, it may keep us tight with our friends that we have close by, and to just rely on them more. This change of lifestyle is going to be a life changer for alot of people, it will take away to be accustomed to and to realize that lifestyle has changed, in alot of ways.

Daily life will not be the same, it is what we do because of it that will make the difference in our lives and for ones around us. I see the pattern change to the more smaller units of people being together and socializing together. It will be the need to have the more intimate relationships of friends and family.

God describes this bonding as bonding with him, in as a few people at a time, say two or three, this would be a unit of the body that would stand on its own. God created the body as a complete unit, it is made up of small and unique individuals, groups and clusters of like minded christians. It is small and intimate being with God, that will grow and cultivate that being as Christ, in Christ, and Christlike that will cement ourselves as the body of Christ.

Let me digress here, but will be making a point to this subject. Listening to people on why they go somewhere(church) is usually the #1 reason that they go or say that the reason that they should go, is that ‘they should all be together to have fellowship with the others’, what is astounding is that it does not say anything like this in the scriptures. We are called to ‘be in Him, and He in Us’ this is the only criteria that we need. This is because ‘WE are away from Him’ now. It is this exile that exists that has kept us away from Him because we left Him. This gathering that we think we must have to be ‘labeled the Church’ is sorta funny if you think about it. We aren’t called the church until we all get in the church building? It’s like saying we are not a car until we park ourselves in the garage?!

We are, What we are, wherever you are at. God wants Us in Him,and Him in Us. It’s that simple. Let me a little word picture for you. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and it is a very beautiful city and desirable place to go for vacation with alot of things to do for entertainment for family’s. Some tourist places have a large map in their foyer with alot of push pins around the outside of the map. All visitors that come to their business can stick a push pin into the city from where they are from. When a business has been in existence for quite a few years this map can be quite full for push pins, showing from all around the world where they came from to be at this location. If you was to stand back and look at this map it will be filled almost completely with pins.

This Word Picture is exactly what the body represents to God in his intentionalality of Christ’s body. It is his oneness of all mankind each representing Him as us in Him. It is not the pin that is stuck at the church’s location, but the individual that represents Christ unto all the world.

Let us bound ourselves together in 2-3 people to bond and grow in the Lord,to challenge ourselves to have the mind of Christ, to live as Him, and be the BODY OF CHRIST!


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