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Are you being controlled by the Old covenant or the new covenant?

It’s time. Yes, it is time that all christians stand back and look at our ways. Our ways on christianity. What are they and Why?

What things do you have instituted in your life or the life of your community that you are a part of? Go and re look at the things of the old covenant and see if the things of the old covenant of the Israelite’s from God are the things that you are in sync with either in your personal way or the corporate way of you are worshiping God.

If you haven’t noticed in the story of the old covenant, there is no mention of this being a way to salvation for anyone. Even if all the people would of been able to adhere to the commandments they would not of been ‘saved’!

Now, go to the new covenant and look at the beliefs of the New Kingdom and New Creation that God has created thru us. Look at all the beliefs,ways, and actions of this new covenant. This paradigm of God and his new life in his people is the journey that has led us to the eternal purpose, which is the things told to us in Revelation 21-22. There is a connection between the story of the new covenant and the end of the story in Revelation.

This is very,very important to remember(the last sentence of last paragraph), if the things that you seem to think are important to your fellowship,worship,rituals,traditions, or beliefs do not coincide with the journey to chapter 21 and 22 of Revelations, then those things need to be re-looked at if these things are the wrong path to go down to get to this paradigm.

To many institutions have gone down this path, to lead us to the wrong beliefs,practices,traditions, and worship to get us to our goal. This is where it is up to us and us alone to read the scriptures and seek out the truth of the Lord, to get us to the eternal purpose!!

Go,Now and search the scriptures and see the New Covenant and go to the New Kingdom of God!!

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Are we going in a circle?

Tradition. It’s a dirty word to some, to some it’s life. Church’s(denominations) have survived on them. “We have always done it this way”, “This is the way that our grandparents have believed”, If we go against them it will be wrong, just wrong! This is the usual remarks that you hear from most older generations in the congregations, it is this mentality that has maybe, just maybe gotten us to the point of where we are at now, at the same place where we always have been.

Why do we seem to think that what we are doing is changing things? If our traditions are to be what we think they are to be why haven’t they set the world on fire? Traditions have come and gone for centuries, and yet everyone has demanded that theirs are the ones that are the right ones.

God didn’t condone traditions. He spoke against them, telling us that we have set our lives to them to make us righteous in God’s eyes. It was the pharisee’s and Sadducee’s were using their traditions to control the law was to continue the traditions of the past. Man has made their bed of continuing their same ole,same ole,things that keep them in the fold. God’s design is to be different.

God designed for His creation to be interwoven with him in his being that made them one. It is this bond that overwrites the mundane things of our daily lives that include ‘our’ traditions of believing that they will get us somewhere in life. What we need to do is to re look at the beginning of God’s world in which He makes a companion in man to be his image. Genesis 1-2 is the blueprint of God’s world with Him, and his image in the center of it. (Do you ‘see’ it!, This picture is the the reality of what the example of the temple was in man’s world, just as an example of what God’s government is to look like.)

Our failure to ‘see’ this picture in Genesis can cause us to totally see another ‘picture’ that we go on a tangent. Mankind has taken it’s pieces and started a different game. Man has seen that it can create ‘ways’ or traditions to stay in the graces of God. Man chooses to forge his own path to God. Man sees his way to God as a structured path of a over and over again ‘work’ to gain that righteousness. God has other ideas, after all it is His plan.

God is in the right. He is the Creator,designer, and the righteous One. God’s love for us and desire to bring us back to him in the renewal of his creation of Man and God together in his creation of community of fellowship.

But why do continue use tradition as a crutch for man to ‘see’ and understand God. Why do we assume ‘our’ tradition is the right one? Did Jesus preach tradition? If I remember right from reading the scriptures Jesus taught against them with the religious leaders. Jesus’s life and ministry was going against the grain of traditions of long standing ways of the ways of man and his traditions.

This has to be seriously considered to be re looked at in the way we perceive our way of life. God has had the way back to him in his plan, our job is to ‘see’ it as our salvation from Him.

Stop, rethink, or more importunately re read the bible from beginning to end to see the storyline of God’s salvation for Us!

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