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Where does your religion start?

This may sound like a weird question? But where does your religion start in the bible?

Where does it start to get it’s basis and reasoning for your religion? What is ‘your personal belief’, what is your denomination’s belief? Have you ever thought about it? How does it come together? Who brought it together,and how did He/She, or they bring it together to form your religion? Think about this and come up with an answer in your mind or in a textual sense to satisfy your reasoning.

This is going to be a 2-part blog today. Another one will be this afternoon. I will talk about where my ‘religion’ starts, and why I think it should start there.

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a few things on my mind

a few things on my mind

This will be a chaotic blog of things that I have questions about or maybe I wonder the ‘what if’s’ of things. I will just use maybe a sentence or two to voice my concern.

Here goes-

Is tradition a good thing in religion?

Is the ‘Church’ here yet?

Do christians really ‘know’ the bible?

Is the ‘new testament church’ just replicating the ‘old testament church’?

Is body of Christ to be represented by the ‘all’ or just the few?

Is the bible literal or allegorical, or both or just allegorical?

Why do we not talk about the book of revelation very much?

Why do we not start communities around us in our neighborhoods?

Are we in a ‘Paradigm shift’ in christianity today?

Why are christians living so ‘high on the hog, when their neighbors are starving or need clothes?

Can Christians survive by only 20 minutes of the word a week?

Do we really need a ‘place’ to go to ‘be’ with God?

When will christianity begin to start lamenting to God?

Who does Christianity really worship?

These are just a few of the questions that I have with many more to answer in my studies.Let me know if you have pondered some of these questions too? and what are your answers.

I feel better now that I have gotten those off of my chest. thanks.

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What is it?

Where is it?

Why is it?

Who made it?

When is it for?

Answer these questions, but do not rely on the things that a pastor,laymen, or parents have told you they were, but rely on yourself to search the scriptures for the answers. Do not just look at a verse as an answer, but let the answer be defined in the context that it is being used in, if it leads to a previous use in another context from someone else compare the two examples. Let the context and the allegory uses that they show you on the definition and use of the word  “Heaven”.

Now, compare the understanding of the word “Heaven”  that you already thought you knew, and the new definition of the word that you will see in its use now.

Hearing the use of a ‘definition’ or a concept in the bible over and over from someone, is not always to say that they are right in their knowledge in their use of the  concept. It is thru our studying the scriptures, with the foundation of the time period, the society at the time, the perceived reality of God,(gods) that should all come together to understand the concept of anything that we read in the bible.

It has been an injustice for us as christians to use the scriptures, and used it as a continuing concept in our time and place.

It was being used for the people of the time, separate people with different ideals, but with the touching of us thru history and God’s Eternal Purpose that it is meant for us now!

If we could only see it!

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Everywhere else?

What does christianity look like away from america?

What does it look like in England?

What does it look like in France?

What does it look like in Germany?

What does it look like in Norway?

What does it look like in Finland?

What does it look like in Switzerland?

What does it look like in South America?

What does it look like in Africa?

What does it look like in India?

What does it look like in Pakastan?

What does it look like in Russia?

What does it look like in China?

What does it look like in North Korea?

Is the United States of America  the “Model of Christianity”?

Why do we think this?

Could we be wrong?

Is there a ‘model’?

Maybe, just maybe we need to relook at why we do things in america for the sake of ‘Chrisitanity’.

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Idol-ling along…….

Old testament tells us what an idol is,what it is, who it is,where it is, and Why it is. Do we know the answers to these questions now?

Does the world know them? Do the ‘christians’ know the answers? Do we care to know them? Are they still relevant questions for today,or were they just for that time?

Ask yourself these questions to see what you answer. Are these questions relevant to you, a christian, and outsider?

Ponder these things and we will look into what IDOLS are all about and what they have to do with us in today’s world!

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