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Oh My!

Bible is amazing! I am daily ‘seeing’ things in my reading or listening to scripture. I will sometime listen to someone on a certain subject and there is another tidbit of insight to something else I may have been studying and it pieces them together to make it understood!

I in this year have seen or heard alot more of this in everything that I do, it is letting me take everything in to consideration when I am studying. I came across something today, that did exactly that for me. I am always bringing something up in a biblical or a worldly manner that tie each other together to form God’s hand in His eternal purpose for Us!

What I also have perceived that christians have failed in their responsibility to ‘know’ the scriptures. I am a believer in the Corporate identity of God’s people, but I also see the individualism or of small groups deeply studying the word. We have failed to ‘see’ things in the scripture, just as the Pharisee’s, or the scribes did not actually ‘knowing’ what the word means into what God is really about or what He was really doing in the lives of the Jews and the gentiles.

I believe that the train has left the station and is getting up to speed to make it to it’s destination! Hallelujah!! Let us strive for Wisdom in God to continue this Journey!!


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It’s all about the “Word”

I am astounded on how much I learn on a daily basis of the bible. Although I am retired for the last year, I have continued my thirst for the word. My thirst before retirement was as just as thirsty when I was a working man in the world.

It is that thirst that drives me each day that I wake up to drink all I can. But is there anyone else out there the same way as I, that cannot sleep because they are thinking why did God do this to the people of Israel, or why Paul confronted Peter in Antioch? It’s that desire to ‘know’ God. Period. Either God doesn’t want me to sleep or I have a serious problem of thinking to much! Or it could be both?

God and or God’s word should be on our minds constantly as it says in the scriptures with the “pray without ceasing”, meaning that we should be talking to God all thru the day with our creator and author. It is this mindset that will get christianity on its way of ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’ Him as He really is. God’s desire is one that started from the beginning of his desire of his creation and that mankind would be walking in His Garden again with Him. Walking and talking, living with your creator, what more could anyone ask for?

I was once asked how long should it take to ‘read’ the bible? I was referencing the aspect of most church’s that push the infamous one year or two year plan of reading the bible, when I suggest that I believe that it would probably take 50 years to actually ‘read’ it in the way that it should be understood. It is that proverbial saying that we do when we read a verse and say “I didn’t see that before”! It is that reading and re-reading things that build upon itself to see the ‘real’ understanding of God’s wisdom.

Another insight that I would suggest to the very newcomer of literature of the bible, is to start at the beginning, just as you would with any novel. The bible is a narrative by God thru man to tell His story of his creation and the journey that they take together. It is the journey of God that starts us with the eternal purpose of His. It is LIFE and filled with abundance.

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New Creation(John)

John’s first line is the same as the first line in the old testament book of Genesis. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” 2. He was in the beginning with God. 3. all things were made through him,and without him was not anything made that was made. 4. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

There is some powerful stuff in those first 5 lines in John. There is also alot of things to work thru in those first 5 verses. Let’s start with verse one, It tells us two things in this short but powerful, telling of words. First, It tells us that the Trinity has been around forever, The Father, Son(Jesus), and the Holy Spirit have been hovering around everything before time started, but mainly the story of Creation that God tells us that His Son, was there too. He is the “Word”. This knowledge that God’s son was there all the time, could be very mind blowing if we would just sit and think about it for awhile. This also tells me that the trinity was together ‘in the beginning’! Kaboom! WOW!

The second thing that the first verse tells us, is that although this sounds alot like Genesis 1, which it is, it is actually telling us that it is a little different. Now, to know this, one would have to know or read the whole old testament, or have been told it by someone. The journey of man has taken alot of bad turns over the centuries, including still in our lifetime. We have turned our back on him in every part of our lives, because ‘we know’ what is good for us. LOL It has been like this because man chose what was behind door #2, which was the ‘knowledge of good and evil’. This has the makings of alot of bad in our future, as we all know.

Verse three reaffirms us that God and the Messiah and the Holy Spirit were always there, and everything was made through them. God was/is the author and designer of everything good. Just like the first six days of creation everything made by God was perfectly good. Not a blemish in anything. White as snow. Holy and blameless. It was Godly and Holy.

Now, verse four is unique, it tells us that this is the ‘New Creation’, and not of the first creation. Let’s look at the verse again to see what it says-“In him was life, and the life was the light of men”. The first part of the verse saying that ‘In him was life’ can only be construed as being after Christ had died and arose again on the third day, by his proclaiming that ‘Christ was the Life, and He gave it back in abundance’. There was ‘no life in the first covenant, with the law, that did not create salvation to the people. but the second but New Creation did!

The second part of verse four is one of great joy and hope for all who seek him. It says “and the life was the light of men”, this is telling us that man is filled with his glory and shekinah, the light of God, even as the light as God produced on the first day! It is God, and He is filled in us, and Us in Him! Hallelujah, and Amen!! God is Great!

This is the eternal purpose of God to have a creation and for it to cry “Holy, Holy what a mighty God we serve”!

Verse five is even more exciting to find out, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” This again is pointing to the ‘New Creation’, when it proclaims that the ‘Light has shown on everything and it is not dark anywhere, the Light is everywhere! No more darkness to find! God is everywhere His creation is back to reality, and no more evil, earthly turmoil, or mankind’s knowledge of good or evil!

Praise God for just these first five verses in John! We will stop here for now and continue on in John soon.

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I believe God is pretty awesome. It is mankind that needs a little help.

I have in previous posts have reiterated that in studying the word, that we cannot look at God’s words and see black and white. This is usually a good thing in most instances, but for the written words of the scriptures we need to ‘see’ God’s intent, and also his son’s,Jesus. Is it any wonder that God’s son, Jesus spoke in parables(Jesus only saying things from his Father) for man to not go strictly by the black and white words but to contemplate in the meaning(hear) of God’s understanding of man and his world and their purpose.

To ‘see’ and to ‘hear’ address this issue in the scriptures when used by God and by Jesus. It is the next level up from the natural sense of man, it is God’s ‘see’ and God’s ‘hear’, this is also what God means by Wisdom.

Until we are in-tune with God, this will be the same as usual,man going by the law(written word) as opposed to the dwelling of God in us,and us in God.

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For those that don’t know what the word means in the title, no many do that don’t really study the bible. There are two definitions of the word “word” from the bible that take on a whole new meaning depending on how you interpret the meaning. We can use one meaning throughout the whole bible and come away with a version of the bible, than someone who interprets the word in the other definition.

and this could be where we get into some various beliefs.

“Logos” is the actual words of God that have inspired the bible and have been written down for us. This is the way that alot of people and especially the jewish community as to how the bible is to be read.

But there is another word that is used to describe the word of God, and that is “Rhema”.

Now this is a deeper meaning of “word”. An example of this word rhema being used is the verse of Romans 10:17. “So faith come out of hearing and hearing through the word of Christ.” Note the word used in this verse “hearing” it did not say “seeing”. I think we sometimes just input the word “seeing” to prove our understanding of it. But  “Word” in the verse is the rhema type that is used here. It is not the written word but deeper meaning of the whole “word”. We need to also understand that we need to take the “word” of God as a whole,not as parts,as we do now. (Those that study Greek can verify in the texts mention that this is how it is used.)

This deeper meaning of the word or rhema I believe is what could be referenced as “the spirit of the Word”. Let this sink in for a minute, and say it out loud to really understand what this means. We need to be descriptive of each word of this phrase. Spirit, this is the more elusive description of God, but we can try our best to describe it. God’s spirit has always been. God’s spirit is what God is all about. It is His will. He’s desire. It is really a description of Him. And God is God!

Let me take this even further real to us when I use a personal reference to imitate this being. My rules(commandments) as a father to my three girls(when they were younger) knew of my restrictions and rules of the McCall household. But these were not actually written rules that I had, but they were beliefs and personalities of myself that I was portraying on my household. I know I told them what they were at least a million times,don’t know if they really remembered them, but Oh well. After all, this was my Kingdom! ha,ha.(don’t tell my wife)

Can you see the picture that I have created, it wasn’t the written laws that I wrote(10 commandments) it was a reflection of me in those laws that I was trying to show the girls that I wanted them to be also. It wasn’t about the million laws that I could of wrote down.

Our seeing the 10 commandments as “logos” has really hurt our understanding of the father,in this case God. We have to see the “Word” as “Rhema” as the “Spirit of the Word”.

What is it that God wants us to hear in the Word?

On a personal note, I have been searching and studying and reading and pondering and  meditating on the “Spirit of the Word” and I feel that I have come to an understanding of what God’s intentions are for His People. albeit I don’t everything about it, but I think that I know the gist of the outline. I see more and more of Him everyday, and I thank him daily.

I pray that you too can “See” and “Hear” Him in His “Word”.

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I wonder if we realize how we view things from God in the bible. I would almost guarantee that we come from a natural view of man when we read the bible.

I believe that we have come to the wrong conclusion when we read it, We are reading it as if we are in the natural realm. When we read,listen to God’s word’s(God’s words are His character,we need to realize this)He speaks to us in a different way,God’s way.

We are reading or listening to God in our “natural” way, God ‘s  way is not our way, our way is fallible. God’s design of His people was and is to be indwelt in Him. This means we are apart of Him. He is after all the creator,designer and architect of His Kingdom . He’s in Charge of everything! He is.

Now let me show you an example on how we misread texts in the bible. This comes from the Living Stream Ministries of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee on LSM.org. This excerpt comes from an article of ” The Divine Revelation”.

This example of only seeing things in the natural way is still hampering the believers of the world. Let me share the article now.


The fourth commandment requires man to take only God and all that God has accomplished for man as man’s satisfaction and rest (Exo. 20:8-11). This commandment concerns the keeping of the Sabbath. I read the Bible for several decades, but I did not quite understand why in His Ten Commandments God made such a commandment to set up a day and require man to keep it as the Sabbath. What is the meaning of this? Furthermore, when the Lord Jesus came, He did not want man to keep the Sabbath. Before the Lord Jesus came, God wanted man to keep the Sabbath. Then when the Lord Jesus came, although man still desired to keep the Sabbath, the Lord did not want man to keep it any longer. What does this mean?

It was not until these last six years that I began to understand what it means to keep the Sabbath. The keeping of the Sabbath means that you can take only God and all that He has done for you as your satisfaction, enjoyment, and rest. Keeping the Sabbath indicates that you have nothing on earth other than God; you take only God Himself and all that He has accomplished for you as your enjoyment, satisfaction, and rest. Your God is your everything, and He has accomplished everything for you. All you need to do is enjoy Him and take Him as your satisfaction and rest. Let me give you an illustration. I remember my old mother, who was a Christian. She loved her children very much and often cooked good food for us during holidays or on the Lord’s Days. She had a peculiarity that while she loved to cook good meals for us, she had to do it all by herself and did not want us to do anything. If we would sit there and watch her doing everything and then praise her for doing such an excellent job, she would be very happy. If we would say, “Mother, you have been too busy; let me help you,” she would be unhappy. She did not want us to help because she considered that an insult to her. Hence, we children knew that we just needed to wait for our mother to prepare the food for us and that we did not have to do anything. When the dumplings were done, we just praised her that her dumplings were really delicious; then she was very satisfied. While all of us were eating, she did not eat but just watched us and waited on us that we might have the enjoyment. When I was young, I could not understand her, but now that I look back, I realize that this is the way God deals with us. He is doing things for us, but if we try to help Him, the more we help, the more work He has to do. He does not want our help. Rather, He wants to do everything for us. Today everything is ready, and all we need to do is to come to the feast and enjoy Him. What does it mean to keep the Sabbath? To keep the Sabbath is to take God and everything that He has done for us as our satisfaction, enjoyment, and rest. Otherwise, we violate the Sabbath. When the Lord Jesus came, the Sabbath was simply the Lord, for the Lord is the real Sabbath. Therefore, there is no longer the need for us to keep the Sabbath as a ritual.

Until we come from an Un-Natural state of seeing Christ we will not see or hear  God’s real Message!

God- “I only want you to rest in me”

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